TDV 1: The Unlike Light

October 7th, 2007 by Sharkchild

From the very day we first breathed the dusty air of the keep, I knew doom would plague the innocence of our souls. The sweet, effervescent smell that spread amongst us gave the horrid sensation of life when despair was its true insinuation. Hard floor beneath my feet and cool steel walls beneath my touch told me of the thousand escapes never to succeed. The imprisonment was disenchanting, but we were given everything we needed for survival: food, water, clothing, and showers. These were, of course, the commodities blessed by death and used only by the wishful…

4 Responses to “TDV 1: The Unlike Light”

  1. avatar Tali K Says:

    I know its been a long time since you first made this episode available but I just heard it and thought it was GREAT! I have never hears something so imaginative I cant wait to listen to the rest

  2. avatar Retinna Says:

    Wow….That was so awesome. I’m still in the afterglow. Being a writer myself, I must first pass through the wall of cold jealousy that stands in my way of truly admiring your work here. Once I get through this, I am able to look forward to in awed speechlessness as my response to your exquisite work. Thank you so much for sharing this with the world!

  3. avatar kill your ego Says:

    I hope you decide to expand on the idea of “An Unlike Light”. I am still mesmerized by it and it haunts me for being such a short piece of work. Please think of returning to this idea.

    Thanks…a great job!

  4. avatar Lily Says:

    I just this week found your podcast, and I must say, your command of ideas and words and their beautiful, horrifying marriage is laudable. You make me want to write more! Keep them coming!

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