TDV 101: Doorways To Obliteration

December 21st, 2016 by Sharkchild

Doorways are a means of passage, but are also non-circumventive impositions on passage that have varying degrees of access. Some are open to all. Some contain doors for the filtration of sight and sound, but are still open to all. Some have locked doors, allowing admission only to the possessor of a key. Others are barred for extended periods of time, warding off entrance into domains that have become hazardous or unhospitable. But, there were some doorways not constructed by design and formed, rather, by happenstance—by chaos, by accident. While these doorways were hidden from even the most skilled and aggressive of explorers, they remained reachable by the same coincidence that shaped them. But by merely existing, it did not mean that they should be entered. For just as a volcano’s lava flows like a river, it does not mean that it should be swam in. So, too, were these doorways to be avoided, for at their junctures guardians waited to slay any trespassers with powers bestowed upon them by supreme, magical beings for the protected seclusion of their world.

These doorways carrying death as their destinations were called Killports. The beings that dispatched the guardians and protected their world were called Brutbelath. And the guardians—which I was one of—were called Obliterators.


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    When do we get to meet the guardian?

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    I am looking forward to reading this! Would love to have it!

  12. avatar Sharkchild Says:

    You don’t ever want to meet the guardian.

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    Another great giveaway, thank you Sharkchild. How about kickstarting a Volume IV?

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    @Vyacheslav Naumkin Volume 4 will have its Kickstarter day in February/March. 🙂 (P.S. I’ll count my comments towards the 20 entry intervals, haha)

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    looks great

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    Sounds mysterious and intriguing and definitely worth reading!☘

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    Well written and easy to follow thanks again for another great story

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    Man, really cranking these stories out now!

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    The books are just gorgeous.

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    I’ll be an outsider

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    Alright, I’ve got volumes one and two. Keeping fingers crossed to round out the trilogy. ;D

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