TDV 105: The Supplicants Of Pain

April 2nd, 2017 by Sharkchild

In memory, what I saw felt only as a dream—a picture so surreal that only the wild and deviant subconscious should have been able to conjure such a display. I doubted many of the account’s details over time as knowledge and experience established a clear border between reality and fantasy. Even with the event elaborated upon the permanence of paper, a goblin of the mind worked to discredit its authenticity. But, when I saw my sister—when I saw her work and show the power of her tainted existence—the foreboding truth of this remembrance always struck forth.

I was four years old and playing alongside my sister in the bedroom we shared. She was one year older than I and was occupied by amusements apart from my own. Before me, an array of fantastical figurines were sprawled amidst a battle at the foot of a wooden block tower. I placed a ghost figurine at the pinnacle of the makeshift structure—an overlord preparing to weigh in upon the struggle with its mighty magic. I remember staring into its wide, black eyes when the pounding cadence began. I knew the sound; it was the rattle of our bedroom’s sliding, mirrored closet door.


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28 Responses to “TDV 105: The Supplicants Of Pain”

  1. avatar westofthemoonillustration Says:

    Awesome story as usual, man!

  2. avatar Mark Chamberlin Says:

    Would love to win this. Loved the first one and the covers are equally as amazing. Would also love to review it!

  3. avatar Katrina Dehart Says:

    Awesome giveaway

  4. avatar debbie s Says:

    I feel the call of this book again and again asking me to embrace it and take it to its new forever home and I say back yes lovely hopefully you will be mine added to my collection, unsullied by dirty hand or a cretin who would vandalize you by turning down your beautiful pages to mark their progress, My precious 🙂 🙂 🙂 thanks for the chance

  5. avatar Nenad Says:

    Shark Verse Universe!

  6. avatar Tiephaine Says:

    Been a while since I checked on your writings. Loved the nightmares last time. 😉

  7. avatar Michael W. Says:

    Great series of books!

  8. avatar Eric Says:

    I need this!

  9. avatar Jesper Lillie Says:

    Yeah. Can I be lucky this time.

  10. avatar Rafael Lewkowicz Says:

    My book! 🙂 want to review it 🙂

  11. avatar gabrielle kinman Says:

    wow that is great. thank you very much.

  12. avatar Felipe Says:

    I want to win!

  13. avatar Michelle Says:

    I hope I win this time

  14. avatar Cathy Doyle Says:

    He would like to live in my bookcases in my living room, Thanks for the chance for letting me try.

  15. avatar Michael Adams Says:


  16. avatar Gado Says:


  17. avatar Daniel Rose Says:

    Another chance to win an awesome book!

  18. avatar Mohammed Vasanwala Says:

    From the depths of my spam folder, an email has risen. An email that I might’ve not seen if I hadn’t decided to actually look through instead of just deleting them outright. And lo and behold, what do I find. A GIVEAWAY!?! For a book that I desperately crave… I think destiny is at work here.

  19. avatar Daryl Says:

    cool giveaway. good luck everyone

  20. avatar Matthew Says:

    thanks again as always! best luck to all

  21. avatar Jackie Says:

    Out of this world fantastic

  22. avatar David Miller Says:

    Working my way through the Awesome First Book (again), Just cant resist a chance at the second volume!
    Good Luck Everyone!

  23. avatar Amber Williams Says:

    Wow. Really awesome as usual

  24. avatar Laura Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. avatar Josh Christian Says:

    Another great episode!

  26. avatar Beverly Laude Says:

    Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  27. avatar shadowslayer69 Says:

    hi im a huge fan

  28. avatar shadowslayer69 Says:


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