TDV 106: Apathindying

April 21st, 2017 by Sharkchild

In the pit of night, in a barren land, beneath and within leafless oaks and upon untrodden soils, a gathering of vagabond Magic Bleeders shared in their woes around the warmth of communal flames. Distant battles painted the sky with colorful sparkles and bursts of glimmering energy that cut through the fissures of the branches.

Amongst those assembled, a bearded old man detached his hands at the wrists and floated them to a location within the top of the bonfire where the flames lapped up and kissed their bases. The hands burned and while they did they proceeded to cast out a riveting melody with the cracking of knuckles. Each finger popped different notes with its joints, collectively achieving a composition that uplifted the somber congregation. The tone of the music changed and enriched as the flesh shriveled.


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Amber Williams (16)


30 Responses to “TDV 106: Apathindying”

  1. avatar Dennis Says:

    Love your work and love that you do these give aways 😀

  2. avatar Michael W. Says:

    Great writer.

  3. avatar suzzanne Ladd Says:

    Strange but I still want to read it.

  4. avatar Pascal G. Says:

    You keep giving away. Thank you.

  5. avatar Jeanette Jackson Says:

    I’d love to have this. Thank you for the chance.

  6. avatar Nenad Says:

    Shark verse universe!

  7. avatar Faisal Says:

    I shall have this!

  8. avatar Buddy Says:

    I feel lucky today.

  9. avatar Mark Chamberlin Says:

    The whole site makes me feel very eldritch!

  10. avatar Gabrielle Kinman Says:

    Wow that is really neat. I love things like that. H.p. Lovecrqft is excellent to. Thank you very much.

  11. avatar Michelle Says:

    I want this book!!!

  12. avatar Felipe Says:

    I wanna win!

  13. avatar Chris Y Says:

    Still listening!

  14. avatar Andrea Gibson Mann Says:

    I can hear the melody!

  15. avatar westofthemoonillustration Says:

    Awesome work, man. You rock!

  16. avatar Amber Williams Says:

    Nice job.

  17. avatar Daniel Rose Says:

    I would love to win this!

  18. avatar Daniel Rose Says:

    The audio scared my cat under the bed!

  19. avatar Raisa L. Says:

    You rule the world.

  20. avatar dejapris Says:

    Good read

  21. avatar Katrina Dehart Says:


  22. avatar Susan W Says:

    Awesome Giveaway! Pick Me! Pick Me!

  23. avatar Rafael Lewkowicz Says:

    Want it! 🙂

  24. avatar Matthew Says:

    thanks again for another giveaway!

  25. avatar Gado Says:


  26. avatar Mary Preston Says:

    I loved this thank you.

  27. avatar Josh Christian Says:

    Another great episode!

  28. avatar Wylie Ferguson Says:

    Love your work!

  29. avatar Brian Says:

    Can’t wait to hear the new episode

  30. avatar Elizabeth Says:

    Looks awesome, thanks for the chance.

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