TDV 11: Sounds Of The Deliverer

February 25th, 2008 by Sharkchild

The cracking voice of the mild singer brought me back from the depths of a bizarre subconscious. I looked around at the rest of Dim Lit Coffeehouse. Spots of green hovered in my sight while my eyes got accustomed to the ambiance. Everyone else appeared to be awakened from the same archaic sleep. Eyes were being rubbed. Yawns were being subdued. For the entire song, the singer had been flawless and hypnotic with her execution until this moment when she unusually broke the perfection of her sound. Having felt quite drawn to the images in my mind, I recounted them while the song progressed on.

I was rowing a boat in a large pond while colorful fish swam coolly alongside me. The radiance from their scales flourished brightly amid the moon’s immense light. My direction was unannounced, but my desires were ravishing. There was a sweet hum melodically perusing the soundscape of beauty. It rang and rippled across the surface of the water, softly slapping against my slow moving boat.

The performer ended her song. In delayed response, I clapped along with the rest of the audience, losing my place within the recollection of my reverie.

(Listen to the rest)


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