TDV 112: Advocate Of Solace

December 20th, 2017 by Sharkchild

The world had failed. Its evil and corruption had consumed the last vestiges of hope and joy. Desolation, homelessness, and starvation would be the final moments of humanity.

This was clear to me as I sat at my divining table in the cold darkness of my observation deck, staring into the night through the panoramic outcrop of curved glass that surrounded my workstation. The vision of this nefarious doom lingered persistently beyond the reach of my craft, but on this evening it presented itself in potent force and breadth. While my eyes in physicality perceived a forested mountain terrain blanketed in quiet night, the inner channels of my consciousness projected the grisly decay of the world.

I shuffled my Astracanal deck and placed three cards face down in front of me. I then took the three Astracanal figurines that represented my three children—ebony sculptures that were two inches in height—and placed one atop each of the cards. One at a time, I lifted the figurines—the cards beneath sticking to their adhesive bases—and turned them on their sides so the contents beneath were propped up and facing my direction. Each card revealed the Gravity of Death delineation—a black astral circle with the skeletal debris of humans and beasts swirling within.



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Beverly Laude (28)

31 Responses to “TDV 112: Advocate Of Solace”

  1. avatar robert fontenot Says:


  2. avatar Aleksandr Ehlinger Says:

    Red five standing by

  3. avatar Michael W. Says:

    Very good

  4. avatar Mark Chamberlin Says:

    Merry Xmas from R’lyeh, Yog Sothoth says hi and that he needs this back from Santa after lending it to him last year!

  5. avatar Cody Moore Says:


  6. avatar Fredrik Says:

    Cthulhu rises again, in the dark corners of the earth something is oozing, the dark verse is oozing too, can you feel it? Merry xmas everbody!

  7. avatar Dim Vekios Says:

    The Great CTHULHU!!! Ya, Ya…

  8. avatar Jon Yates Says:

    Happy hellish holidays!

  9. avatar Josh C Says:

    Another great episode! 🙂

  10. avatar Matthew Says:

    Thanks for another giveaway chance! Best luck!

  11. avatar Bill B. Says:

    There’ll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Cthulumases long, long ago.

  12. avatar Joey Tiburcio Says:

    This is awesome

  13. avatar Kyl Says:

    I remember one year I drink gasoline and read Sharkchild while my children unwrap their xmas gifts. Oddly enough, I do not have children and that was not my house.

  14. avatar Jesper Says:

    Happy holidays to all!

  15. avatar Shawn Says:

    That book would make a very merry Christmas!

  16. avatar KD Says:

    As sure as R’lyehs rise, I will win this book!!!

  17. avatar Whitney Says:

    The world has failed. Yup. Happy holidays regardless!

  18. avatar Paul Says:


  19. avatar Gado Says:


  20. avatar Joe Roseberry Says:

    Beautiful book

  21. avatar Thresk Says:

    I enjoy the tangy zip of Murr’cle Whip.

  22. avatar Lise Says:

    Wow – this would be great New Year reading!

  23. avatar Faisal Says:

    Damn! I want dat…

  24. avatar Dennis Says:

    -Drools-….. err i mean Merry christmas!

  25. avatar Rafael Lewkowicz Says:

    Ya Ya cthulhu!! Hail! Cheers from brazil

  26. avatar Gabrielle Kinman Says:

    I love H.P. lovecrafts work and mythos. Happy holidays by the way.

  27. avatar Eric Smith Says:

    Hell Yeah!

  28. avatar Beverly Laude Says:

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for the chance!

  29. avatar T2 Says:

    The best!

  30. avatar Sushma Says:

    Happy holidays to you too:)

  31. avatar Daniel Rose Says:

    This looks amazing, what a great holiday present..

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