TDV 12: Fate

March 10th, 2008 by Sharkchild

Was I the wish of a demented god? Or was I a god? Or was I the pinnacle abhorrer of malformation? My beginnings were not in my memories and my abilities were not in my mind as an aspect of learning—as I existed, so they existed. The only truths within my knowledge flew about like flies in the dark—their impacts meaningless and their presences disposable. I was both a witness and judge of the world, though for what matters, I could not grasp.

My earliest recollection of the time and place I inhabited was a lowly candlelit dining room where a gentleman quietly ate of soup with a young daughter. Sounds of serenity permeated the air as a record player sung off the somber notes of images unseen and places unknown. The man’s eyes wavered with doubt and distress, and as his daughter looked to him for the smallest sign of comfort, there was none. In the vacancy of such virtue, the girl began to reflect her father, her demeanor and movements falling even more pitiless in reflection.

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