TDV 13: The Missing Come Home

March 24th, 2008 by Sharkchild

I awoke to the severe beating of my heart, which drove throbbing percussions through my temples. Beneath me, a sick, cold sweat lined the sheets. My hands were trembling and my throat was raw. I quickly rose from the bed in disgust and discomfort and stood as if leaving the compound of a putrid nest, where I lay to be the toy of playful and malicious ghosts.

Through the window, light beamed heavily from the overly lit moon hanging low on the horizon. Shadows were cast all about the room. They hung and sulked definably, forming characters in shape and personality that spoke out to me in the language of darkness.

Something did not settle right within me; in that moment, everything felt twisted and impure. There were thoughts trailing in my mind that I could not quite grasp but that left strange and potent emotional residues that lingered thickly and deeply. Like fog, they shrouded my mind and left me in weariness.

Feeling disgusting, I went to the bathroom and turned the water on in the shower, allowing it to heat before getting in. Once inside, I let the water refresh and renew my being. The water felt safe; it satisfied my resonating dissonance and brought me back to the equilibrium of my usual self. And as I regained myself, I knew that I needed to check on Sofia. I needed to peer into her crib and see her soundly sucking on her tiny thumb. I needed to touch her fragile skin and kiss her soft head.

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  1. avatar Priscilla Says:

    I know this podcast was posted over a year ago, but this is the one that got me listening.

    I don’t have kids, but I do have a baby brother I spoiled as my own. It’s amazing when you can relate to stories you post. To be so grateful that it’s only a story in the end, and grateful my baby brother or any other kids dont ever have to go through the type of rejection Sofia did!!

    Thanks Sharkchild, love your work!

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