TDV 14: The Captive Inside

April 7th, 2008 by Sharkchild

There were certain shops that had no seizing affects outside of a planned visit, and then there were certain shops that quite brutally tortured if their magical, if not haunting, space was not investigated. Alluring displays, unorthodox merchandise, and toys—these were some of the things that made me curious, but the latter, the toys—those trinkets of deep imagining minds—had the greatest pull on me. I had my dates with ordinary toyshops, but it was the hole-in-the-wall, washed-out places that really got my heart yearning. I wondered how they even existed. They were the shops of the strange and unique; the ones that sold old card decks, antique dolls, foreign games, and much, much more. Things that did not even have the right to be made were somehow resting on the shelves of these hidden and cavernous places.

I was not much of a collector; the mere and occasional trifling of these objects was enough to satisfy my taste. I touched them and played with them, though I rarely purchased them. There were a number of shops I frequented, but I was always on the lookout for somewhere new.

There was one particular shop that gave me much more than satisfaction, something much greater, but also much worse. The shop’s name was Timeless Fortunes, and its entrance rested in the shadows of a hall, tucked away between two much larger stores on either side. The name, Timeless Fortunes, was labeled on the door, but nowhere else could it be found—not outside or inside of the place. The door chimed when opened and rattled as it closed. Inside, the hall continued on with old, worn posters covering the surfaces of the walls. Each poster was of a toy or contraption no one would have ever known about: laser guns with bulbous designs, masks made in the likeness of mice and rats, build-your-own fire block kits, centipede growth inducers, headache relief halos, Corpse: The Game of Fancy Graves, and human body part sculptor sets, to name a few. At the end of the hall was a short flight of stairs—this led into the shop.

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  1. avatar James Says:

    Really good story; kinda gothic. I’m working my way through the stories on your podcast but this is the first I’ve listened to. I recommend it.

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