TDV 18: Normal Faces

June 4th, 2008 by Sharkchild

My sister and I happened upon the variable of existence by chance. It might have been the way we walked in ghostly indifference under the setting sun’s light, or perhaps it was the way we stared disjointedly across the endless horizon. Nevertheless, we arrived. Like a layer resting between all things, it rested in connection to all that was known, though it did not know it and nor did anything else in its contact. There were legends and cults in connection to such things, but they did not convey or understand the complexities of their childish assumptions. Full worlds were transparently placed upon one another, existing separately, yet silently interacting. One of those worlds was our own, and the other, the one we horribly wandered upon, was an incomprehensible place I called the variable of existence—the world where everything was the same except the beastly beings that inhabited it and sinisterly endowed upon our world a spiritual, yet unholy attribution of grace. Maybe the variable of existence was meant to be there as part of an unfathomable balance, or a rudder for a wayward vessel, but once I laid my eyes upon it, it was to me but a mysterious infection, incurable and eternal.

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