TDV 2: Becoming The Sky

October 22nd, 2007 by Sharkchild

When we are, we are nothing, and when we are nothing, we are still nothing. We are the in-between, the space unkempt, and the space unseen; we are the vast and the knowing—we are the sky.”

These were the words I read every night before I went to sleep in the hollowed helm of The Dynasty. On the ceiling their form was etched in the thickest and darkest of chirographic mediums, forever longing to be read. And so, I read—I read out loud and in the boldest of voices as to give them nothing less than their due virtue. They loved being spoken into the echoes of the chamber, in a way that let their syllables flutter freely into wandering heavens and perhaps the curious ears of a lost soul in the distant realms of the earth…

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