TDV 20: Names: Tillalel

July 2nd, 2008 by Sharkchild

By a very early age, I had learned the seriousness of sanctity—as far as it goes in relating to things unbound by the compass of the solvable. I knew, in other words, about the astringent potency of belief: what it was capable of and how it controlled and manipulated. There was one event in particular that stripped me forever from ignorance, and it began with nothing more than a prayer.

When I was but five years old, I took a liking to a rather precarious doll called St. Pebbles of the Sky. The doll was the priest of a concocted land—a mere childhood fairytale. He wore a tight black robe with a gray, pebble-beaded rope tied around his waist. Around his neck hung a wooden cloud, hung by the same gray, pebble-beads. Most distinct of all was his face. It stretched long, creating a moon of a chin that anchored large, round pebble eyes and a mouth that bent like a river. His head was bald and on it a map was tattooed in black ink, leading the way to a hidden empire in the sky.

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