TDV 23: The Skulker

August 14th, 2008 by Sharkchild

It came from the distance with patience and dedication. From a point of origin lost beyond the seas of matter, it traveled, setting out upon a path to reach the destination of which it chose—ages before knowledge was an aspect of existence. Once the path was formed, it did not stray—not for time or desire or any other manifestation of choice. It made but one decision in its life and no more. Perhaps it knew the stars, or perhaps it knew the art of divination, for its entrance into linear transfiguration was immaculate. If it left too soon or strayed too late, it would miss its goal and perish in shame. Like threads of fate, it knew the lengths of everything that lived, from birth to death.

Its character was benign, but its intentions were demented. When considering the borders and grooves of both things good and evil, this entity succeeded in being something that could be categorized as neither. Everything that encompassed its purpose was against the very grain of what was believed, in fashion of faith and the calibrations of spirituality; purely, it destroyed belief in all of its shapes, forms, and functions. It did not think ill upon anyone or anything, nor did it have affection; it did what it did for it was what it knew.

This thing of extraordinary life and unlimited boundaries was no inhabitant of realms most traveled, but, like the bees and the flowers, its catastrophic ways were a hidden element of nature. The event of its arrival was very rarely seen, but I did witness it, and that, unlike the rest of humans present and past, was how I learned so much about what I call, the skulker.

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