TDV 31: Mantis, Malevolent

December 4th, 2008 by Sharkchild

I vividly remember those things I did on the day of the coming of the Purpose Giver. I was chopping wood in the back of my cabin, preparing ahead of time for the oncoming winter. My arms felt strong as they led the ax through the wood with single strokes. Perspiration beneath my thick clothing created pockets of moisture that irritated me but could not hinder me. And, all the while, thoughts of companionship led me through the heartache of miserable solitude.

When suppertime came around, I had chopped more than enough wood, so I stopped gladly, despite the grand rhythm of my toils.

I created a fire in the fireplace and, once its flames became worthy of heat, I began stripping out of my many layers. Winter had not yet come, but the bite of the cold had.

Preparations for supper were effortless and I quickly had a pot of stew cooking above the fire. Aromas of beef, carrots, and onions permeated the warm air of my cabin, teasing my hunger with unavoidable allure.

After I had devoured my food and grown content within my dwelling, I pulled a book from my small collection and started drifting into the words there contained. The Secret Apparatus by Arel Terriblar spoke to me with eons of restless, inhabitable imagery; I found myself crawling within the words rather than reading them.

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