TDV 32: Pathway For The Dead

December 18th, 2008 by Sharkchild

There was a path that led to all places, but it grew weak. As a canyon of only slight width, spreading through the horizons of the universe, it fought to exist between the gargantuan pressures of surrounding landscapes. These landscapes, formed of all things malice and chaos, fought to bring about the end of division, while the canyon, the path—the journey of organized direction and linear decision—was the last component of perpetuality for the furnace of ongoing creation.
Through this path, the dead marched, uncountable, unending. Spirits imprisoned and appearances unrecognizable, these soldiers of the afterlife trekked to the reaches of all there was to know. Like mechanics, the dead acted as the gears to which things continued. They never slowed or stopped; they never spoke or resisted. It was they who carried the energies of life and connected all existence.

One moment the path was as it should have been, and the next, it was gone. The brutish landscapes pushed their way to victory, collapsing the canyon that had bred since the beginning of time. There were no more dead to be seen; there was no balance left to divide. All of the dead had been crushed, vanquished—all blended together.

And when this occurred, I came to life.

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