TDV 33: The Road Show

December 30th, 2008 by Sharkchild

Step right up. Come see what ya’ve been waiting for—things ya could never dream of!”

The man who spoke these words with such easy excitement was a haggard looking, traveling salesman. His brown, greasy hair was parted to the right and his pants sagged with a loosely fitted belt. His name was Mick Driggler, but the people in my town called him Mr. Wonder—not for his talented speaking or illustrious products, but because of the very mysterious entertainment value he had been endowed with. He traveled with and sold unusual merchandise—things never seen or heard of—but the generous length of his temporary stay in my town was rather strangely due to a token of theatrics.

Once a day, Mr. Wonder would halt his business ventures, set up a curtain in front of his truck and trailer, and enact a marionette show of grand humor and applaud-worthy satisfaction. For this show, people gathered over and over again, never growing bored of the odd man’s amusing endeavors. People loved it so much so that they gave money to the man, giving him the incentive he needed to remain.

It was three weeks after Mr. Wonder arrived before I became uncontrollably curious about him and his enterprise.

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