TDV 36: Confronting The Formless

February 12th, 2009 by Sharkchild

The infinite regions within divisibility were my home. I existed in the distances of space—space void of finite ends. In these unfathomable places there was only emptiness; it was all that I had ever known. No matter where I traveled, I could find nothing different—for something boundless could not be filled, and something that could not be filled could not be whole. Almost all things inhabited the emptiness. My residence itself was tucked away in the spaces between mass. Anything corporeal had form and anything that had form could not be whole—no matter how big, no matter how small. Universes themselves resided within the gaps between pieces of atoms.

Space was everywhere there was substance and so greatness was with the powers of the ethereal—the soul, the principalities, good, evil. Their designs were unbreakable because they were not restricted to any form; shells of uncertain growth and uncontrollable molecules did not inhibit them. These unhindered entities were the Formless. The elements of the Formless could be anywhere—around me, in me, between me. They had what I did not have, and I hated that. The Formless and their orchestras of undivided existence were my enemies.

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