TDV 38: The Taking Of Hallowed Creation

March 10th, 2009 by Sharkchild

The precious silver hovered over the menacingly heated embers. Its surfaces glimmered and sparkled with the reflection of flickering ash. Every curve and groove of this magnificent creation completed in shape to form the perfect fork—the Serpent’s Fork. A long slender handle fell downward, widening at the bottom into a wonder of embossed swirls. The head opened into four piercing tines, each with a precision of cut and detail to match the horn of a unicorn.

While the Serpent’s Fork suspended above the blazing embers, the heat began to influence the metal. The trueness of the Fork’s substance waned as it slowly unfolded with expansion. The head of the Fork bent forward and then the tines sagged to the sides—two tines to the left and two to the right. As they drooped downward they curled—the innermost tines twisting tremendously while the outer two only slightly.

Just as the molten Fork reached this moment of design, a gust of icy wind surged across it and the ledge that the burning embers laid upon, high within an almighty canyon.

“Splendid,” the Articraft said, before walking up to the circle of cooled ashes and grasping the Serpent’s Fork from the air. His voice lingered in the canyon’s hold. The Articraft’s hair was wild and gray, but his years were still youthful. He wore a dark blue vest, leather pants, and boots. The shadows in his eyes were deep, as were his longings for the unattainable.

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