TDV 4: Gift Of The Crossroads

November 19th, 2007 by Sharkchild

As soon as I shouted into the vicinity of my home, the outlandish noises in the kitchen ceased. It was nothing more than the slight scuffle of feet, but it was disturbing beyond the sudden sinking of my heart. My breath became short and my hands trembled. I feared that whatever had made the sound had gone into hiding in the negative spaces of my home, and, in keeping that fear manageable, I hoped it would stay hidden; I had no desire to find it and only wished it to be intelligent enough to leave before I could ever arrive upon it with my investigating eyes.

When I made my way in silence toward the direction of the disturbance, I listened for even the faintest of sounds—the smallest of breaths—but there was nothing. And when I made the turn into the kitchen, I found no stranger or animal but a piece of fabric that looked like it was nothing more than the scrap of some abandoned craft. The material of intrusion lay on the floor about the size of a folded napkin. An earthly color of yellow defined its appearance while several small white threads protruded from all of its sides where it appeared to have once been joined to a larger entity.

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