TDV 48: Severing The Lost

July 30th, 2009 by Sharkchild

I once had a best friend; I liked to call her Dime. The name came to me when I found a dime in my pocket during a time of need. She was always there for me; she was the “dime” in my pocket. Our relationship was brilliant. We shared secrets, experiences, and adventures. Dime was one of those friends that childhood memories revolved around.

It was not until our sophomore year in college that we were ever separated for more than two weeks since we met each other in preschool. Dime had been accepted into a study abroad program. I applied for the same program, but was not accepted. She refused to go without me, but I convinced her that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Hesitantly, she decided to go, and so Dime vanished from my life for a year to live in a faraway land.


I remember vividly the day we were reunited.

After a year of only letters, I was bursting with anticipation while I waited for her at the airport by her arrival gate. And when her plane landed, person after person walked by me, but none were Dime. Soon the crowd had dispersed and I was left waiting at an empty gate. I checked with the nearby desk and they confirmed Dime’s occupancy on the flight. For a moment, I was rather confused. Then I asked if I could be accompanied inside the plane to see if she was still there. A flight attendant was contacted and she came out to greet me.

“Hi there,” the flight attendant welcomed me with a smile. “Follow me. It must be your friend that’s still on the plane. We’ve tried talking with her, but she won’t say anything. Hopefully, you can help us. We need to clear the plane as soon as possible.”

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  1. avatar Anıl Says:

    this story was so unpredictable for me.thank u

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