TDV 5: The Changing Feyth (Part 1)

December 3rd, 2007 by Sharkchild

I have turned against my brethren and entered a fate that cannot be altered. All that I have been taught—all that I have been trained for—is now the vessel of my retribution. My existence has become a granule glowing amongst the blackness of a lost world, and the life I once knew is but a tragedy of my decomposition. In prayer, I must believe I am capable to begin the movement towards the deliverance that will set light to the throne.

By the enlightenment and approval of my soul, I now speak these words into the heart of traveling winds, begging them to take this message into the ears of who would listen. The demand on my life is high, so there can be no hesitation; even doubt shall not be spared by the vengeance of my cause. I do not regret those things I have begun to do; I do not pride myself on their brutality or art, but I am sure of their importance. Though the pain and sorrow will always remain, I will carry out my task until I can no longer do so, or until it is completed; this is my burden and my burning promise.

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