TDV 51: No More Resistance

September 10th, 2009 by Sharkchild

I taped her entire body with thick, clear packing tape—every inch. I taped her fingers and toes to one another. I taped her legs together and her arms to her sides. I ran tape from her head to her shoulders, locking it in place. Her eyes were taped open; her mouth was taped shut; her ears were taped closed. Then I wrapped her over and over with the transparent tape, confining her within an immuring, mummy-like cocoon. Each wrap was a test of my strength—forceful and unmerciful—leaving not the smallest gap within the spaces of her imprisonment; there was no chance that she could have even moved a follicle of hair. The only vestige of this woman left unbridled was her nose, so that she could tap into air and remain alive. It flared and retracted violently, but I did not mind this movement.

Resistance, for this poor woman, was no more. There was nothing she could use to stifle my actions—not her movements, not her emotion, not her voice. I could crack a plank of wood across her, pour scalding water over her, or cut her into pieces and she would not even flinch. She was but a block of life—nothing more than a tree, frozen and unable to react to the dangers that befell her. This was my Mistress Doll Number One.

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