TDV 52: When Eyes Have Seen Too Much

September 24th, 2009 by Sharkchild

My squad and I were at the end of our assignment.

A brigade of three heavily armored vehicles and twenty-four exhausted, anxious men raced through the canyon of Nazlit. Dust churned behind us in wellsprings of the fleeting memories we hoped to leave behind. If the mind could have held its thoughts as lungs contained breath, we would have clenched out those menacing jesters of contemplation until the journey was through—for the road was long before us. Even the reverie and hope of being home was too much a torment. All we wanted was the sound of rubber on road and the wind of movement.

Surrounding us, red rock ascended to the heavens, enslaving us to a route of unruly exit. The sky was daunting, hanging above in an incredible intangibleness—it appeared to be the covering of a distant country not connected to our own.

“Halt!” Captain Tershery’s voice boomed and echoed throughout the canyon. The three vehicles stopped. I was in the last. “Skillins, what is that?” the captain asked of the first in command beside him who wore binoculars around his neck.

I did not need any enhancements to see that something was coming towards us on the road ahead. It waddled, and it was no more the size of a man, but it was not man.

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