TDV 53: The First Innovation

October 8th, 2009 by Sharkchild

If the stars were maps of history, then my heart would have been their maker. If there were a way to look within the earliest light still traveling upon the edges of the universe, then my face would have been the subject there discovered. Bittersweet were the eons of my life.


In my first memory, I was but an idea—a germ of thought traveling the endless roads of realms intangible and unspeakable where both colossal and minuscule entities roamed without substantial shape or purpose; the only purpose, if even at all, was to everlastingly be. The sizes of things varied, but not by any visible measurements; the hierarchy of existence was a computation of reason within the boundaries and scope of will—what made more decisions, if any, and what acted effectively on those decisions?

I was more of a virus, but unlike a virus that would destroy its host, I sought out to change it with the incredible power of suggestion. I sought to inhabit an entity worthy of the resources I required so that I might release what I held: innovation. I was the First Innovation—a robust malfunction floating in a chaotic system of purposelessness with a purpose that before me did not exist.

When I latched upon the entity capable of my inspiring toxins—an indiscernible mountain of being—the innovation ingrained within me came to life and set in motion an awful and instantaneous effect: the creation of physicality.

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