TDV 54: Soul Divided

October 22nd, 2009 by Sharkchild

I stood behind a black, baby grand piano. The instrument was unfamiliar to me and its keys, both black and white, held reflections that heightened their alluring appearance. As I looked upon it, I longed to hear a sweet melody.

Surrounding the piano, two rows of seats filled with women arced in crescent form. The women’s ages ranged from young to old, and they wore black attire and grave semblances. Quietly, they conversed amongst themselves while I stood gazing out upon them.

This arena was set within the living room of my great grandfather’s plantation house—a home passed down from one generation to the next. The soft light of candles was the only source of illumination, and with it, the shadows danced more confidently.

“Please, can I have everyone’s attention,” I addressed the women. Their conversations ceased; their eyes probed me. “I would like us to begin our session.

“This piano was delivered yesterday—beautiful, isn’t it? Well, I have never played such a grand instrument before; I have not even tried. I want you to make me play it. Please begin whenever you are ready.”

(Listen to the rest)


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