TDV 55: In Placing The Titan’s Emotion

November 5th, 2009 by Sharkchild

I sat back in my rocking chair and subdued my thoughts with the gentle swaying of my bones. The chair, as well as my body, creaked with the tender noise of old age. In my vision, flames within the fireplace communed with one another and my son and daughter-in-law played an immersive game of chess. On an end table, my record player hummed off the tunes of Lanton Templestock’s Fifth Symphony entitled Invasive Things. The music very accurately encapsulated the essence of my feelings at that very lucid moment. Sweeping crescendo’s peeling off into a prominent melody from flutes purported the surreal story of the music’s hidden language.

The layers of things around me were oddly discernible and vividly clear. It was like the abstract entity of my mind itself had laid its head upon an ethereal pillow, hushing absurdities and harnessing the craft of time and space.

Beside me, on a small table, my cup of tea expelled steam as if in rehearsal with the notes that flew through its particles; its display unlocked the secrets of the universe. I found myself lost within their complexity, and as I stared on into the unknowable, the delusion of consciousness encroached, putting me to sleep.

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