TDV 59: The Power In A Father

December 31st, 2009 by Sharkchild

It was a fare as ripe as an appetite had ever known. Its short, curly brown hair bobbed innocently. Its blue eyes blinked unabashedly. Its smile cut space curiously. The cheer of its mouth lit the atmosphere with the chorus of purity while it held the hand of its father, who led it in a capsule of abundant confidence. It knew no worry, nor the idea of it.

The Father and his child walked a winding road in a peaceful afternoon, enjoying the company of the other and the wonderfully cool breeze passing its gentle caress on the wanderer who was willing to stop and feel it. Through excited words, the Father passed to his son wisdom and an eagerness to be. Two miles off from home, this pair had not a care in the world.

But watching and listening keenly from within the smallest shadows that laced across the terrain, the Snatcher followed with nether stealth, diabolical and starved. The muscles on its limbs were paper thin, but they were quicker and nimbler than the speed of sight. In its mind danced a mechanism of musical craving—hunger by sound, by pitch, by noise—and its prey’s laughter was the ring of sweet devouring.

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