TDV 6: The Bearer Of All That Can Be Felt

December 17th, 2007 by Sharkchild

Touch—I felt all ways of it. I felt light moving silk, soft fitting cotton, and elegant velvet; I knew the embrace of satin and the weave of polyester. Upon me danced the colors and shapes of the universe. Those hands that pressed and brushed against me told the tales of creation’s wisdom, and I collected of their ways. Dresses, vests, jackets, cloaks—I wore them all and aided them in their completing beauty. There was not a piece of clothing that I did not feel or know. My skin was the palette of the sure and tried and the steady thread.

From the moment of my creation, I had been destined to the art of tailoring, and I was no ordinary assistance to the noble industry. I was, as I believed from the successes associated with me, the only of my kind to have such an occupation. My essence, in its entirety, was bittleclay: an “inanimate” material with the capability to learn from the environment embodying it. Like a baby out of the womb absorbed the world around it, bittleclay did the same by those means given to it in its beginning, allowing for the growth of an aware, mobile, and fully cognitive entity.

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