TDV 60: The Stone House

January 15th, 2010 by Sharkchild

From the letter addressed to the Strong, written by the hands of Tinus Perpentin:

There is an immovable place at the edge of a far-off, isolated cliff (this is all I can divulge with regards to location). On the outside it is but an enormous rock, seizing space like a gorging wolf. But on the inside lies the madness of evil—both the spawning pool and deathbed of ever-cycling nefariousness. Time wears on the exterior of this boulder, but within, time is departed. I can say assertively—with no one else believing this other than myself—that this place is a home, but not I, or evil and its brood, can possibly bear the turmoil in passing on the name of the master that lives there.

This place has been told of here and there in passing rumors—more incorrectly than correctly, for only I know of its real truth—and those tongues that have relinquished such woes have shriveled before blighted eyes. I would always say, “Better the tongue than the soul,” but the sting of such a comment is as potent as a weapon. It is as such that I have not shared any of my knowledge of the Stone House until that day that I have chosen to die; thankfully, it is that day, and I may finally drive away the haunts stored in my mind and soul. As I further write about the House, I will, to the best of my ability, describe also the way in which my life is taken, for it will assuredly follow my words steadily.

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