TDV 72: Names: Vaucifyr (The Unreasoned Voice)

November 5th, 2010 by Sharkchild

Metek, Alaya, Sturge, and Crim sat anxiously on hard wooden chairs around a wooden table in the basement of the Abandoned House in Semtar’s Forest. The basement was lit by candle-flame, but the moonlit, night sky peeked through holes and cracks in the faltering, aged floorboards above. Animals and insects scurried in the shadows. A strange scent saturated and impregnated the air. The atmosphere was dense and heavy…


2 Responses to “TDV 72: Names: Vaucifyr (The Unreasoned Voice)”

  1. avatar Greg Says:

    Wow! What a truly great escape, so much articulation, so much to feast upon. To breathe in these dark delights. Their is no critique I an offer, I am afraid you will have do do with only praise Sir. Thank you for sharing this gateway with the rest of the universe.

  2. avatar Bryan Says:

    Awesome episode, thanks!
    What a great idea to present a history of the origins of our longtime narrator. Brilliant!

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