TDV 80: Age Of Thaumaturgics

May 22nd, 2012 by Sharkchild

With sweaty, trembling hands, I entered the floor of Candure Stadium. Each and every sound of my bodily existence was muted by the humming ruckus pulsating between expectant members of the critical audience. My breaths were hollow, my steps were unheard, and the beating of my heart reverberated within me in empty concussions. The blood in my veins carried the panic of my mind’s fight to keep disciplined form against the cacophony around me and the significant decibels of its endless deliverance…


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  1. avatar Guy Shifty Says:

    I’m loving the comeback. This recent story is another great one. You’re easily one of my favorite authors…even though you left us hangin’ for a minute. Glad you came back to us, though. Anyway, thank you for keeping it original. Gotta say…my all time favorite..the Folding of___ well, you know the oneabout the dying of the previous self. Marvelously written. Kudos. Thanks for your work Sharkchild.

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