TDV 83: D.M.V. (Dream Magic And The Vessels)

November 24th, 2012 by Sharkchild

I called my house the Old Souls Orphanage—a haven for the elderly without a place to call home. Those in the latter years of life who had not the funds or family to be given the living quarters of comfort and peace that were deserved came to my abode to receive well-appointed accommodations. I gave them what no one else would and I did it without fee. My only requirements for those that stayed within my walls were that they had no illness and were self-sufficient. My house did not have the personnel or equipment necessary to deal with conditions of health and dependency.

The house, which in actuality was a mansion, was built of stone and brick. It stood three stories tall, holding: nine bedrooms; six bathrooms; three studies each with a fireplace and a unique collection of books; a large kitchen and pantry; a dining hall; and an extensive basement connected to the rest of the house by a spiraling passageway void of steps…


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