TDV 84: Rainsaw

March 14th, 2013 by Sharkchild

My son looked so innocent and full of happiness. His wavy, golden brown hair bounced softly while he hunted the red ball that continually evaded his uncoordinated efforts of collection, and the slightly oversized, brown, suede jacket encasing his figure only did him harm on his quest. Every time he missed a grasp on the ball with his clumsy hands, he laughed and continued his chase.

Through this child’s joy, I knew no greater joy of my own. His happiness and wellbeing meant everything to me. That enigma by name of selflessness that had been so foreign to me came crashing through my eyes, shattering them and renewing them upon his birth. I finally had a purpose I could hold onto and nurture.

I watched my son in the backyard through one of the windows in my office on the second floor of our house and pondered upon a timeline of endless contentment. Life and happiness are so simple, I thought to myself. What more do I need?

The rain then began…

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