TDV 87: The Apocalypse Bringers

May 28th, 2014 by Sharkchild

A destroyed moon lay dispersed across the sky. Its fragments reflected a pale, red light. In front of these debris, a great multitude of meteors reached the atmosphere, raining across the land in streaks of flame. Concussions resounded in every direction that amplified the pandemonium of this planet’s final hours.

“Sidideris desiterkan durs forlektis,” my master proclaimed as he reveled in these grandiose moments of destruction. He revealed his speared teeth while smiling. As he did so, he flipped his long, red tongue just outside of his lips. His bare, burgundy, muscular chest flexed with approval. Veins rippled throughout his upper body and arms at their height hundreds of yards off the ground. One, lone eye sat as a gaping black hole within his face and oscillating, flaccid flesh made sounds of suction and popping as it churned across the top of his head.


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Necronomicon: joe b (4)
The Dark Verse, Volume 3: Brain (6)
The Dark Verse, Volume 3: Sam (8)

32 Responses to “TDV 87: The Apocalypse Bringers”

  1. avatar Brian Doucet Says:

    woot o.o

  2. avatar Tim Says:

    Awesome. I’m always happy to see a new episode go up. Listening to it now.

  3. avatar Misiok Says:

    Commenting on this post as ordered!


  4. avatar joe b Says:


  5. avatar bounty1012 Says:

    Interesting, was totally unaware of these episodes!

  6. avatar Brain Says:

    Excellent, as always.

  7. avatar Aran Says:


  8. avatar Sam Says:

    Nice! Listening to it now!

  9. avatar Mattias J Says:

    Great giveaway! Hoping for the big book!

  10. avatar Barbara W Says:

    Another awesome giveaway!

  11. avatar Zeus Says:

    Sign me up, good sir!

  12. avatar Francis Clermont Says:


  13. avatar -Wiggles- Says:

    posting for a win

  14. avatar santiago rodriguez Says:

    damn, sweet !

  15. avatar Monica Says:

    I love your books!!!

  16. avatar Jeremy Says:

    Sign me up!

  17. avatar Brad Says:

    Awesome as always!

  18. avatar John Says:

    Another great episode, keep up the good work!

  19. avatar Lisa Says:

    Me please!

  20. avatar muffincoil Says:

    Good to see you back in the podcast saddle!

  21. avatar Luke Says:

    Would love to win the Necronomicon can’t wait for book 3. Gotta love the new episodes.

  22. avatar Eros Says:

    I love these greater demon stories!

  23. avatar Fabio Lopes Says:

    nice 😀

  24. avatar Gavin Says:


  25. avatar Greg Gilbert Says:

    Love it!

  26. avatar Daniel W Says:


  27. avatar Trevor Says:

    Super excited TDV #3 is going to be out soon! Can’t wait!

  28. avatar Dane Higbee Says:

    The first two were fantastic! The third one promises to be just as great.

  29. avatar JRW Says:

    I always come back for more of the Dark Verse.

  30. avatar Robin Says:

    So exciting!

  31. avatar Jerry Leadhead Says:

    World love to have this!

  32. avatar Matthew Newland Says:

    I would love this!

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