TDV 88: The Protean Birth Enigma

October 21st, 2014 by Sharkchild

Although I slept and although I dreamt, I was not at rest. My muscles perpetually flexed while the blood surging through my veins heated my damp, rank flesh. My eyes jutted beneath their lids, absorbing an orange light that radiated heat upon me and into the core of my mind’s visions.

Time passed exceedingly slow as I plodded from dream to dream without connection or interest, excitement or fear. I was unwillingly and strangely detached from foreboding scenes of gargantuan, ominous beings invoking their power across the universe. In each of these dreams I, too, played the role of such a being, but I was void of their knowledge and purpose; I was a wayward ghost struggling to find its escape. This disunion brought nothing but the incessant fight to awaken, free myself from this obscure oblivion, and probe the physical realm beyond my sleep where the drenching orange glow saturated my clenching body.

40 Responses to “TDV 88: The Protean Birth Enigma”

  1. avatar Daniel W Says:

    Keep it up, Sharkchild!

  2. avatar NaGeL Says:

    Commenting likea faithful drone… gonna listen to this tonight.

  3. avatar Mitch Says:

    I have seen the dark universe yawning
    Where the black planets roll without aim,
    Where they roll in their horror unheeded,
    Without knowledge, or lustre, or name

  4. avatar Mattia Galliani Says:

    Wow… I really like your “dark verses”! Keep your creativity flowing! Hugs from Italy 🙂

  5. avatar Abbey Hatley Says:

    You already know Ivan and I share all three volumes of “The Dark Verse”. Unfortunately, he’s taking a grudgingly long time to finish ‘Beyond the Grips of Time’ and I must have it NOW.

    Much love and admiration,

  6. avatar pete Says:

    Freaky stuff man. Keep it up!

  7. avatar Mat Says:

    Good stuff, keep it coming.

  8. avatar Cathy Doyle Says:

    Visions of Hellraiser dance through my head………….

  9. avatar Dane Higbee Says:

    Awesome! Love the books and the stories!

  10. avatar William Ide Says:

    Always good!

  11. avatar Dillon Says:

    Great stuff.

  12. avatar Jesper Lillie Says:

    That cover is so awesome! Your writing is so cool!

  13. avatar Kelsey Anderson Says:

    Oooh pick me! Pick me!

  14. avatar Rob Says:

    Sweet! I’d love to get my hands on that book! 🙂

  15. avatar The ShanMonster Says:

    Thanks! Good soundtrack for my drawing sessions.

  16. avatar Gerardo Linden Says:

    Amazing stuff you have on your mind. Keep it coming.

  17. avatar Felipe Says:

    Keep it up!

  18. avatar Andy Strunk Says:

    Loved the first two

  19. avatar Ashley Dioses Says:

    Will listen to this soon. The book is gorgeous, I love the art.

  20. avatar Marc Says:

    Yay for Dark Verse!

  21. avatar Nolan Says:

    This will go great in my collection.

  22. avatar -Wiggles- Says:


  23. avatar Matieu Says:

    I hope I win, I’ve been wanting that third volume…
    Good luck to everyone else, though!

  24. avatar Dan Spurgeon Says:

    Great stuff, keep it up!

  25. avatar Robert Rhodes Says:

    Book time

  26. avatar damien allen Says:

    I want this book

  27. avatar Bethany Says:

    This is so cool!

  28. avatar Chris Says:

    Your writing is absolutely fabulous! I would love to have one of your books! Keep up the great work!

  29. avatar Mike Ebertz Says:

    This is just fun stuff. Never knew this world existed.

  30. avatar Chris Lane Says:

    I would love to win a book, have always enjoyed the stories.

  31. avatar Kelvin Says:

    Always loved the dark almost demon like voice, gives all stories more weight, more intensity.

  32. avatar Aaron Says:

    Absolutely fantastic!

  33. avatar JRW Says:

    Always time for more Dark Verse in my day 🙂

  34. avatar Erik Wilking Says:

    Hope I made my comment in time to enter!

  35. avatar Dan Says:

    Captivating stuff.

  36. avatar Trevor Says:

    Always excited to see these in my inbox!

  37. avatar Brian Kulbaba Says:

    As always, awesome story.

  38. avatar jon yates Says:


  39. avatar gabi levitt Says:

    fingers crossed

  40. avatar Aran Says:


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