TDV 89: Omnipotent Ingenuity

February 25th, 2015 by Sharkchild

Darilandria Alrindce Syabeltel.”

That was all the gargantuan visitor said after it arrived through a fissure in space and abruptly appeared in the middle of the world. A portal, not so different than a mirror in the sky, appeared without warning, reflecting back the lands before expanding outward to its city-wide ends as an enormous halo of reflective boundaries. Like an asteroid falling through a chute, the ultra-mega being crashed down, obliterating everything around it—all was displaced and decimated, with the tallest buildings being torn from their foundations and sent sprawling. Chunks of stone and metal were flung great distances, expanding the deadly carnage for many miles. Millions were instantly killed; the wake of destruction was vast and utterly harrowing. Once settled in its nest of ruin, it spoke:

“Darilandria Alrindce Syabeltel.”

The creature stood over ten-thousand feet tall and, with mortal eyes, could not be fathomed in all of its deplorable form. Its color was black—black like death and black like nothingness. It loomed as a void of color rather than a color itself. It had many mouths—too many to count—from which it boomed its words. These mouths were caverns of gross malady from which spewed vehement clusters of acidic filth—violet, putrid sludge that burned through flesh and earth, incinerating its way deep underground where it fell. Upon it, there were no arms or hands that appeared to reach; there were no legs or feet that appeared to shuffle or transport. This World-Scarrer stood solely as a massive pillar, dealing in demise and devastation.

39 Responses to “TDV 89: Omnipotent Ingenuity”

  1. avatar Dennis Says:

    I’ll leave a reply and try my luck for my birthday tomorrow lol great books 🙂

  2. avatar NaGeL Says:

    wow like the intro, gonna listen to it while working..

  3. avatar Brian Kulbaba Says:

    Big fan of the Dark Verse

  4. avatar Jim Moore Says:

    I have enjoyed these podcast stories with the twists and turns they keep your mind active and very entertained, they also shorten the work day as I listen to my “stories” there while maintaining and running of the arena … 😉 keep up the great works …

  5. avatar Dane Higbee Says:

    Well, I just s*** my pants.

    Thanks, Sharkchild! And thanks for the giveaways, they’re really nice to do. I look forward to picking up your new book! And a dustjacket? You’re getting fancy.

    Thanks for writing such great stories and keeping me entertained. These audio versions are really cool too.

  6. avatar Aran Says:

    Big fan! Neeeeed

  7. avatar Thomas Wills Says:

    I ate too much food and now my poo will overflow the toilet.

  8. avatar David Neilsen Says:

    I totally dig the Intel and want to read more! And hopefully winning the volume
    Will allow
    Me to do just that!

  9. avatar Joe Says:


  10. avatar Bob Fontenot Says:


  11. avatar William Says:

    Big fan!

  12. avatar Jacqueline Kelly Says:

    Love the Dark Verse! Can never get enough of these stories!

  13. avatar Mike Hel Says:

    This is great stuff, I feel like I did back when John Shirley Bruce Sterling and William Gibson were still publishing great work.

  14. avatar Raegan Says:


  15. avatar Karl Says:

    Good stuff!

  16. avatar Chad Meade Says:

    Outstanding hope I get lucky

  17. avatar Grace Osborne Says:

    Will It ever be me to win? I sure could use a good book to read at night!

  18. avatar Gabi Says:

    Love it! Thank you!

  19. avatar Daniel Breeggemann Says:

    This is me commenting.

  20. avatar Jesper Lillie Says:

    Loving the idea of the being, but hating the use of ‘ultra-mega’ into his context. (Sorry!)

  21. avatar Jon Yates Says:

    Love your stuff! Recently picked up Vol. 1 from Amazon and blew through it in a couple of evenings!

  22. avatar Rafael Lewkowicz Says:

    This was surely a nice one. Really atmospheric! Thanks, mate

  23. avatar Alexis Drymiotis Says:


  24. avatar Mattia Galliani Says:

    Woah, crossing my fingers! A big Thank You for your great giveaways! 🙂

  25. avatar Gerardo Says:

    Good luck to everyone.

  26. avatar Marc Says:

    Crossing my fingers! Would love to get Volume III!

  27. avatar Chris Says:

    Good stuff, hope to win the book!

  28. avatar damien allen Says:

    Great stuff bro I really want to win hopefully I get them

  29. avatar Nolan Watchinski Says:

    I own the nook version. Would like to have a physical copy

  30. avatar Mattias Says:

    sweet potatoe you are nice 🙂

  31. avatar Clarissa Says:

    Super exciting 😀

  32. avatar Samantha Says:

    <3 the dark verse

  33. avatar Andy Says:

    Good stuff

  34. avatar Chris M Says:

    Awesome work! Keep it up!

  35. avatar Brian Says:

    Always great giveaways, thanks my friend

  36. avatar Eric smith Says:


  37. avatar David B. McCowan Says:

    The writing produces a cool, nightmarish image in my head.

  38. avatar Sharkchild Says:

    Thank you, everyone, for the comments! It’s time to reveal the two winners of the books!

    1) Mattias Galliani (24)
    2) David B. McCowan (37)

    I’ll send out an email tomorrow as well so the winners can respond with their addresses! Thanks again!

  39. avatar Mattia Galliani Says:

    OH. MY. ELDER. GODS. Thank you SO MUCH! I’ll wait for your email 🙂

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