TDV 90: The Essence Of All-Sight

August 13th, 2015 by Sharkchild

The steps leading up to the century-old stronghold were like rotting teeth, fragmented and disgustingly whittled. The passageway at the pinnacle of these steps—tucked between the swooping, gnarly trees of the Battlemance Forest—lay open for any foolish wayfarer such as myself who desired to connect the fate of one’s life with the Death Breadths of Kirthkald Dungeon.

Revenants entombed in the blackness of their past lives’ powers, infinitely stamped in shadowy existences with the inability to use their godlike spells and existence-altering items, were left with nothing but the faculty to accumulate wealth and seek entertainment through devilish deeds. Here, at Kirthkald Dungeon, they guarded their belongings and bolstered their empire of immortal greed and sadism.

45 Responses to “TDV 90: The Essence Of All-Sight”

  1. avatar NaGeL Says:

    marking for listening later

  2. avatar Michael W. Says:

    I like the story, but the voice and the sometimes overly descriptive text can be too much of a distraction from the story.

  3. avatar muffincoil Says:

    This day just keep on giving! Listening to this tonight, for sure.

  4. avatar Robert Rhodes Says:

    Ok I’m posted

  5. avatar Uri Slavcev Says:

    Lead-in sounds great! Can’t wait to listen!

  6. avatar Holly Says:

    Great story and I love the way the reading was done. Thank you for not playing music under the whole story, I find it distracting. I really felt sucked into the story.

  7. avatar Christopher Y Says:

    My first experience. Posted

  8. avatar Tuchi Says:

    Keep up the good work!

  9. avatar Felipe Carvalho Says:

    Good work!

  10. avatar Shirley Y Says:

    Love It! Definitely a must for me.

  11. avatar Mike Sharp Says:

    Can’t wait to listen to this, as soon as I’m on a wifi signal!

  12. avatar Gerardo Says:

    Thanks for your creations. Keep it up.

  13. avatar Sofia Says:

    I love the use of your verbiage. I can’t listen to the audio as I am at work however I will tonight at home. Keep writing. Again, it was a pleasure meeting and speaking with you at Bookcon NYC. 🙂

  14. avatar Robert fontenot Says:

    Can’t wait to give it a go.

  15. avatar Dan Says:

    Thanks Sharkchild!

  16. avatar Jesper Lillie Says:

    NICE. Cannot wait to listen to it. (go away exams!)

  17. avatar David Holland Says:

    Very good, I want more!

  18. avatar Lob Says:

    C’moooon big money, no whammy!

  19. avatar Joanne Says:

    This sounds awesome. I can not wait for it. 🙂 Love your stories, sound, and giveaways. Thanks!!

  20. avatar Darkon Says:

    i want it!

  21. avatar Dillon Says:


  22. avatar Rob Says:

    This is so great!!!

  23. avatar Carlos I Chavez Says:

    as always your stories are incredible 🙂
    remember when the project was just a podcast and now published books incredible to see how you progressed these incredible stories should be more well known

  24. avatar Tom Says:

    Excellent reading voice. It was immersive.

  25. avatar Aran Says:

    Love your work

  26. avatar Dennis A. Appell Says:

    involved with brother’s funeral – will listen to it later — thank you for the first three volumes

  27. avatar raegan Says:

    ooh, yes please.

  28. avatar Buddy H. Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Another great installment!!
    If only someone could be convinced to be a little more productive … these stories are so d**n good…

  29. avatar Nicholas Consola Says:

    I cant wait for the next one!

  30. avatar Raisa Lora Says:

    Sharkchild rules!

  31. avatar David Neilsen Says:

    Very nice.

  32. avatar JRW Says:

    I’ll return for a good listen. Excited as always

  33. avatar Sharkchild Says:

    Thank you for all of the encouraging comments so far! And my condolences to you, Dennis—I’m so sorry to hear that about your brother.

  34. avatar Dennis A. Appell Says:

    Thank you so very much, Sharkchild. It was a very nice hot Texas funeral. … Still trying to work my way through the 3 volumes at breaks at work.

  35. avatar Martin Says:

    Great work. Always exciting work!!

  36. avatar anigeek13 Says:

    Voice reminded me a little of price in the beginning. Great story overall!

  37. avatar dorkbot5000 Says:

    Love your readings. Super evocative stuff. It’s rare that a story gets the life it deserves in a reading.

  38. avatar Rafael Lewkowicz Says:

    Just incredible! thanks!

  39. avatar Erik Wilking Says:

    Since iTunes ate my podcasts I’m rebuilding my podcast library in Media Monkey. It is repopulating now. I’m looking forward to getting caught back up with your macabre stories….

  40. avatar Damien Allen Says:

    Eh I hope I win

  41. avatar Daniel Rose Says:

    Woo hoo! Sounds Great!

  42. avatar Marc Says:

    Dat Episode 3 would be groovie! Thank you very much for the chance!

  43. avatar Nolan Says:

    What’s good

  44. avatar Christopher Reeve Says:

    Either of these Books would be a great Library addition!

  45. avatar Daniel Rose Says:

    I will win one of these days!

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