TDV 91: Costumes Of Reality

November 20th, 2015 by Sharkchild

Outside, frogs croaked by the hundreds. The recent rains had swelled the nearby creek allowing for a brief metropolis of amphibian prolificacy. They had never before caused me much delay when it came to falling asleep, but this evening their raucous sounds were so penetrating that it was too hard to exchange their dissonance with the frequencies of unconsciousness.

I lay there in bed next to my husband, wondering upon the dark blotches of shadow on the ceiling and their infinities and the day of errands awaiting me upon the approaching dawn. The fan creaked with its brisk rotations.

My three-week-old daughter began to fuss in her bassinet at the foot of the bed. She had been fed and changed not a half-hour ago. At first it was a grumble here and a grunt there, but soon enough, she belted out with full, reverberating, newborn despair. I hesitatingly slid to my feet and walked over to my beckoning child. Her left arm had broken free from her swaddle and was swinging with clenched fingers. I reached down, slid my hands beneath her—one beneath her neck and head and the other beneath her lower back and hips—but yanked my hands back—as if they had just embraced a scalding surface—in reaction to what I felt there. Something was below my daughter. I widened my retrieval, extending one hand to the top of her head and the other to her legs, and hoisted her up against my bosom.

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    Yes Please!!!

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    Oh, yeah!

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    I really want to read this book!!! Pleaseeeee!

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    Great giveaway ^^

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    Really need a new book to read ^^

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    I can’t get enough of this stuff lately!

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    Looking forward to 91!

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    Nice looking book!

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    I want it!!!

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    Yay! Thank you 🙂

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    Love listeing to these podcasts!

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    Nice. Very nice infact!

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    Very nice, as always!

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    Yes Please!

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    I love this!

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    Very nice

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    Always excited for more Dark Verse!

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    Such vivid writing this entry and always a pleasure. Thanks Sharkchild for the opportunity.

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    Following on Soundcloud from now on!

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    Thanks for the chance!

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    Yes please I love your books

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    Chris! Check it out! 🙂

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    Love your stuff man!

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    Again another great work!!!

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    Amazing as usual! Hope i win this time 😀 cheers!

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    Thanks for the chance, looking forward to reading your book.

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    I laughed till I stopped :)… then I cried

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    Love all of your work Sharkchild!

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    Gotta love Sharkchild ^.^

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    Wish me luck!

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    My sister just had a baby, so this strikes a chord with me.

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    Love it

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    Much love to you, Sharkchild! -R

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    Love your work, Sharkchild!

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    This sounds Great! Looks Like an awesome book.

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