TDV 92: Infernobot

July 21st, 2016 by Sharkchild

Technology had connected the universe, making space suitable for recreational and residential dwellings, travel between livable planets acceptable in duration, and old age such a slow onset that populations overran worlds. Death was still the unknown, and I wanted to find it–not by dying, but by seeking its destination.

The purple sky—mingling with aqua light from the moon and a mercurial haze—crackled as if it were a pixelated gif. On the horizon, parallel, horizontal lines of neon green stacked—radiant skeletons of Twelpinc City’s downtown skyscrapers.

High on a hillside on the outskirts of the city, I extended my rocket bike’s rear, tripodal landing gear and tipped it backwards, propping its lightweight composition in the upwards position. The pearlescent finish on the burgundy metal husk sleekly reflected the slender, missile-shaped design and beauty of the chassis hidden beneath like a muscular body in skintight garments. I stepped up into the small, one-person cockpit, remaining in a standing position, and engaged the tinted canopy shield that slid behind me and enclosed me. After adjusting my jumpsuit, I activated the bike’s launch mode. Two sharp wings jutted outward and a resin compound enveloped my body, excluding my arms and face, and compressed, securing me in human shrink-wrap. A digital prompt with the options “launch” and “disengage” appeared on the visor display of my helmet. Below the “launch” option, a systems check icon flashed green, notifying me of systemwide approval.

I selected “launch” by focusing on its words with my eyes and double-blinking.


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    FOR THE WIN!!!

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    This looks Awesome!

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    Great giveaway. Looking forward to the dark verse v1

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    Rolling for the win! Either way, keep up the great work Sharkchild!

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    Awesome story as always! Can’t wait for the next one!

  13. avatar Michael W. Says:

    Hello, good read!

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    Great news! 😀

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    Twelfth time’s the charm!

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    Fantastic as always

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    Congrats on Patreon!

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    Fingers crossed!

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    Good luck all.

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    I loved it.

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    First on Patreon 🙂
    I now have to listen to this new episode.
    Keep on the good work!

  24. avatar Lob Says:

    Big money, no whammy!

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    It was alright y’know

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    Love your work!

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    Another great episode. Love your work.

  28. avatar Elodie Says:

    good luck everyone!

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    That was awesome! This is a great giveaway!

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    Can’t wait for the reprint of Volume 1 to get here!

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    good luck!

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    Keep up the awesome work Sharkchild!

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    What a beautiful print…I want!

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    Yesss Sharkchild rules!!

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    I want it!!!

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    Casting my voice for the giveaway!

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    This time ill win This beauty! Haha awesome post as always.

    Ya Ya yogsottoth!!!!

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    hurray, thanks!

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    Eldritch fears and strong dark beers.

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    This is exactly what the doctor prescribed.

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    Anything for more TDV!!!

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    Yes plz:)

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    I’d like to win, since I’m a HUGE fan!!!

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    Sharkchild, I choose you!

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    Great episode! Time to listen to them all!

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    Great story as usual.

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    May The Force Be With Me… Hoping to finally be chosen.

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    Would love to win it!

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