TDV 95: The Midnight Magician

September 21st, 2016 by Sharkchild

The Secronomus, its face and body of black shards jutting forth and its eyes of red crystal, impartially watched from its throne as I performed an act of transmogrifying juggling. Simple, smooth balls of silvery metal effortlessly circled into the air from hand to hand before whirling and warping into different beasts and entities that continued the pattern above my hands without further need of force. A low harmonic pulsated into the air, initiating a cadence, while dancing imps ascended from the floor and twirled around the display.

I walked in front of the flying creatures and dissipated, my cloak and clothes dropping into a heap while shadow forms spun up from the floor that joined the imps in dance. After a few moments of cavorting, the shadows draped over the imps, melting away their flesh, leaving them as bones that spread out in connection to form a cohesive circle that rotated around and contained the stage. The entities in flight transformed into balls of fire that altered their trajectories and matched the rotation of the bones, varying their heights and circumferences to form a funnel. Within the rings of fire, my shadow dancers joined together beneath my clothing to bring me back into form.

The fireballs then—one at a time—plummeted upon my figure. As my body was covered in flames I warped into a fire elemental that rose in height and fierceness while the circle of bones’ circumference shrunk. Soon the spinning bones were at my feet and began to slide up my form into my fiery core. In finality, I, and all of my devices, exploded into a bouquet of red tendrils and wisps, leaving me in my original embodiment.


33 Responses to “TDV 95: The Midnight Magician”

  1. avatar Jimmy C. Broadhead, Jr. Says:

    Rollin on the 1 sharkchild!

  2. avatar Michael W. Says:

    Great stuff!

  3. avatar Sarah Says:

    Really enjoyed talking to you at BookCon, hope I get to read more!

  4. avatar Tiephaine Says:

    Always delighted by your stories!

  5. avatar robert fontenot Says:


  6. avatar Nenad Says:

    Scream of supreme horrofication! Sacronomus is profile of ultimate villain, who i like in dark stories. Its a little infuenced by Lovecraft and J.P Brennan, but ur style is modern and unique
    Scenes of your story are picturesque, i enjoyed when i heard your voice, I had a film in front of my eyes.
    I think this story is ideal for series like Tales from the Darkside.

  7. avatar Dennis Says:

    Great stories and I shall forever try to win!

  8. avatar Jesper Lillie Says:

    Lots of love for you and your stories!

  9. avatar Rob Says:

    I want to be a fire elemental!!!

  10. avatar Marc Says:

    Hope I roll a 20! Thanks for the chance!

  11. avatar Guy Says:

    Here’s hoping for some good fortune.

  12. avatar Justin Reever Says:

    I’ll enter the giveaway again now. Great job with this one!

  13. avatar Tyler R Says:

    Love the podcast, keep it coming!

  14. avatar dejapris Says:

    Good job as always

  15. avatar Jorge Mombiela Says:

    I want it!!!

  16. avatar Erlend Says:

    Working the graveyard shift tonight. Gonna sneak this with me 🙂

  17. avatar ashley dioses Says:

    I want it.

  18. avatar Luke Says:

    Could use some new reading material over here!

  19. avatar Gado Says:

    Thanks for the chance

  20. avatar Jason Caldwell Says:

    Great episode above! Looking forward to reading more!

  21. avatar jon Says:

    big fan, fingers crossed

  22. avatar Felipe Says:

    I want it!!!

  23. avatar Michelle Says:


  24. avatar Pascal G. Says:

    Another change to win. Thank you.

  25. avatar dezs86 Says:


  26. avatar Dim Says:

    Really good!

  27. avatar cbandit17 Says:


  28. avatar Daniel Rose Says:

    Giveaway time again!

  29. avatar Williami Says:

    The only one I don’t have!

  30. avatar Zeus Says:


  31. avatar Brian Kulbaba Says:


  32. avatar Trevor Says:

    Just started listening to this episode and and it sounds awesome! Keep up the great work!

  33. avatar Eric Says:

    Looks great.

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