TDV 97: The Kids Go First

October 21st, 2016 by Sharkchild


The doorbell rang.

I hesitatingly placed a bookmark in my afternoon read, pulled myself up from the couch, and lurched towards the front door. When I got there, I pressed my eye to the peephole to scout the visiting presence. Barely within view were two children somewhere between the ages of seven and nine—a boy and a girl—with curly black hair and pleasant faces.

I opened the door.

The two youths immediately pushed their way inside my house. Their swiftness of action superseded any reaction on my part. Being that they were young children, there was no comfortable or proper way to reverse their course at the moment I did make the mental note of their trespassing.


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39 Responses to “TDV 97: The Kids Go First”

  1. avatar BuddyBoyLA Says:

    Happy Halloween! It’s the Hatch-Hatchetest season of all!

  2. avatar Erik Wilking Says:

    Can’t wait to catch up on The Dark Verse podcast!

  3. avatar William Wennberg Says:

    Here goes again!

  4. avatar Brian Kulbaba Says:

    Love it

  5. avatar Philippe Fontaine Says:

    Release another Thralldom book soon!

  6. avatar Michael W. Says:

    Happy Halloween!

  7. avatar Gado Says:

    Thanks for the chance

  8. avatar Eric Says:


  9. avatar robert fontenot Says:


  10. avatar Jesper Lillie Says:

    Happy Halloween from Denmark!

  11. avatar Kyle Says:

    Having a frightful fear of small children, every halloween I toss candy from my second story window while singing old folk hymns to ward of the demons that dwell within them.

  12. avatar LDP Says:

    Happy Halloween, boils and ghouls!

  13. avatar Nathah Says:

    Happy Halloween!

  14. avatar MrClevr Says:

    So happy for all these releases that you’re doing now.

  15. avatar Jon-Christian Yates Says:

    Allo allo!

  16. avatar Edward Bruggeman Says:

    Nice! Happy Halloween!

  17. avatar Justin Reever Says:

    Let’s hope for an extra scary Halloween this year!

  18. avatar Dave Lake Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win cool books!

  19. avatar Paolo Says:


  20. avatar Dim Says:

    A dream which maybe the Old Ones can make come true…

  21. avatar Dim Says:

    Oh, my CTHULHU… It’s LOVECRAFT!!!

  22. avatar Dim Says:

    Oh, I really want this book!!!

  23. avatar Michelle Says:

    I want it!

  24. avatar Felipe Says:

    I want it!

  25. avatar Sinphaltimus Exmortus Says:

    This would be a wonderful edition at a wonderful time for such a thing.

  26. avatar Denis Says:

    Want it too! Eu quero! Je le veux ! Ich möchte! C̛҉͚̝͇͠’tdofs̸̵̠̫̦̪͚̗̞̬̠̦̩̝̦͝ì̧̙̻̼̖͔͚͉̼͠͡ͅsûfpth’ui̷̵̛̭̰̙͎̼̜͓͇͟!!!!

  27. avatar BUDDY H Says:

    Halloween, Lovecraft & Dark Verse….Perfect combination!!!

  28. avatar Nenad Says:

    The book is mine. 🙂

  29. avatar Chris L Says:

    Great giveaway great stories!

  30. avatar Matthew Smith Says:

    HP for life!

  31. avatar Guy Says:

    Happy Halloween! Great story.

  32. avatar Daniel Rose Says:

    OOh My Cthulhu I want this…..

  33. avatar cullen gilchrist Says:


  34. avatar Jorge Mombiela Says:

    i wan it!!

  35. avatar Robert B II Says:

    Keep up the awesome work!

  36. avatar Peter A Benes Says:

    Love your work!

  37. avatar Jim Says:

    For the giveaway, this is the volume you want when it comes to collected Lovecraft. If you don’t win it, go out & buy one & cherish it for the rest of your days.

  38. avatar Sharkchild Says:

    I just emailed everyone the lucky winner! Thank you for participating and the support!

  39. avatar Denis Hovart Says:

    Congrats! I’m so jealous.

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