TDV 99: It Concludes In A Receptacle

November 18th, 2016 by Sharkchild

Crisp, colorful, autumn leaves crunched beneath my footsteps as I walked through the tree archways of my neighborhood on a brisk, overcast afternoon. Every few moments, a gust of wind whistled above me, sending leaves to the whim of the hibernating world.

A pulse of soothing electronic music ebbed from my headphones into contemplative thought as if the sounds were an electrical charge powering my mind. My breath cast spells into the air with its frosty condensation. I pushed aside the present worries of my life—the lingering deadlines at work and the hardships with my wife. I strolled through the landscape holding only onto the inspirations of the seeable and its soundtrack.

In one of the clearings between two homes, where several towering trees held supremacy and presided like a secret society over the current matters of the land, a strange collection of fallen foliage caught my attention. Castles of leaves had formed around a section of the ground exempt from the debris. It were as if the leaves were piling up against something, but the something was not there.


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  1. avatar NaGeL Says:

    New podcast to listen to Cool!

  2. avatar Chris Yost Says:

    Very cool- nice shirt!

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    Very nice shirt.

  4. avatar Nenad Says:

    Excelent t-shirt.

  5. avatar Eric Says:

    Bad ass shirt.

  6. avatar Edward Bruggeman Says:

    Well done keep it up!

  7. avatar Jorge Mombiela Says:

    I want it!

  8. avatar Michael W. Says:

    Want to win the shirt! Too bad no sizes larger than XL…

  9. avatar Jean-Luc Reyes Says:

    Awesome shirt!!!

  10. avatar Gado Says:

    Id very much like that shirt. Thanks for the stories.

  11. avatar Daniel Rose Says:

    I keep hoping! love this page!

  12. avatar Raisa Says:

    Love what you do!

  13. avatar Buddy Says:

    Fantastically creepy shirt!

  14. avatar Katt Lewis Says:

    AWESOME shirt!

  15. avatar Kerry Kollman Says:

    One way out tshirt for sure!

  16. avatar Daniel Rose Says:

    Wooo hooo! I won! Thanks for the great gift! I will definitely be sporting this!

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