Book Giveaway 2

November 1st, 2012 by Sharkchild

Comment on this post before 10:00PM PST to be entered in a chance to win a copy of THE DARK VERSE, VOL. 1: FROM THE PASSAGES OF REVENANTS!

One winner will be chosen at random from the entrants after the cutoff at 10:00PM PST and will be contacted by Sharkchild via email.

UPDATE: The winner can be anywhere in the world!

UPDATE: If the post gets 40 comments/entries, two books will be given away instead of just one!

UPDATE: Giving two copies!

WINNERS: Beau T. Bradley and Grim

52 Responses to “Book Giveaway 2”

  1. avatar Alec Says:

    Hey! I’d really like to win this!

  2. avatar Dane Higbee Says:

    I’ve got my own copy already but I’d love another to give the gift of terror to others. Truly a great collection. I’m anxiously awaiting Vol. 2.

  3. avatar Gary Timbrook Says:

    Love the Gothic, Macabre feel of it all…

  4. avatar Intolerant of Humans Says:

    I’d love a copy!

  5. avatar younikrawn Says:

    It’s beautiful! I would love to own one

  6. avatar Christopher Willis Says:

    I love this book! Can’t wait for volumes 2&3.

  7. avatar Jeff Says:

    That’s a nice looking book πŸ™‚

  8. avatar Ben Yerton Says:

    I’ve never heard of this but it looks interesting. Pick me!

  9. avatar Sean Says:

    Free is free. I’ll give it a go.

  10. avatar Ryan Says:

    This book looks beautiful and I’d love to read it! I’m really intrigued by the cover art!

  11. avatar Paul Shingleton Says:

    I love Lovecraft!

  12. avatar Davy Jones Says:

    I want this book so badly!

  13. avatar Beau T. Bradley Says:

    Sounds great.

  14. avatar Hayley Huston Says:

    Looks nice and creepy!

  15. avatar Zack Wenzel Says:

    Working my way through the entire Clark Ashton Smith collection. This would be a welcome addition on my bookshelf!

  16. avatar Brad Quinn Says:

    Sounds interesting, I’d love to have a copy!

  17. avatar Nicholas Laullon Says:

    I wish to be the proud owner of this phenomenal book!

  18. avatar Andrew Cole Says:


  19. avatar Luke Gahren Says:

    This looks awesome, hopefully I get to enjoy a copy! (Free or not)

  20. avatar Sheiff Hobo Says:

    I like books! And Soup!

  21. avatar Jason Ferrell Says:

    That’s a fine looking book. I’d love a copy.

  22. avatar Kyle Doherty Says:

    I would LOVE one! THANK YOU!!

  23. avatar Grim Says:

    Lady luck be on my side!

  24. avatar Dominic Says:

    <3 πŸ˜€

  25. avatar Dave Says:

    I would love one of these!

  26. avatar trisight Says:

    I humbly submit my name for submission into your drawing. This looks awesome!

  27. avatar Zack Says:

    This is so neat!

  28. avatar Baeden Says:

    Comment left! Would love to win! Good luck, all!

  29. avatar Billy Says:

    Sounds like a good read!

  30. avatar Kyle Says:

    Looks really superb!

  31. avatar Justin Says:

    Sharkchild! I cannot wait for book 2! It will go well next to my autographed copy of book 1. My kids are scared by the artwork. I just tell them that is because they don’t see the real world yet. }:)

  32. avatar Sharkchild Says:

    They’re never going to want to grow up now!

  33. avatar JCF Says:

    This book looks amazing, would love a copy! Awesome work!

  34. avatar xerogod Says:


  35. avatar Jarrod Says:

    Stunning! Would be very interested in a copy.

  36. avatar Yog Says:

    Submitting this post for glory!

  37. avatar Frank Perilla Says:

    Wow. Looks like a very well designed, beautiful book. Would love to read it. Kudos to you for doing such a giveaway. Very cool.


  38. avatar robert olmstead Says:

    Posted in hopes of getting a copy! Looks very interesting.

  39. avatar honthro Says:

    I would like an opportunity at winning this collection of short stories!
    i came here because of reddit πŸ™‚

  40. avatar Tracy Mitchell Says:

    Great read for the cold winter nights. Also makes a great gift for a friend or relative… Nice keepsake.

  41. avatar Trista Says:

    I would love to win one, considering my birthday is the 7th! It would be so awesome πŸ™‚

  42. avatar Eric Schilling Says:

    Kudos to John F. Stifter. Those illustrations are great.

  43. avatar Sharkchild Says:

    Giving two copies now!

  44. avatar pete mac Says:

    Oh man that book is sweet. I hope I win one.

  45. avatar Gentleman_Thief Says:

    These sound neat. I’ve been really craving good dark stuff…

  46. avatar Naoza Says:

    This is delightfully dreadful πŸ™‚

  47. avatar Ian Radford Says:

    Hey! Count me in, fingers crossed!

  48. avatar zach Says:

    this looks cool put me in

  49. avatar Andy Says:

    Sure, why not! and the artwork looks amazing by the way.

  50. avatar Sharkchild Says:

    First off, I want to thank everyone for participating and showing interest in my work! Thank you!

    The winners are (thanks to Beau T. Bradley and Grim! Congratulations!

    Like The Dark Verse and myself on Facebook!

  51. avatar Georges Says:

    Wow, I just read your first book on Halloween and it was fantastic! I really want to read the second book now! And a free copy wouldn’t hurt! The artwork is amazing by the way.

  52. avatar Joshua Nolting Says:

    Not sure if this one is still going but, this is awesome Sharkchild. Whoever happens to win, grats πŸ˜€

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