Book Giveaway 23

November 28th, 2014 by Sharkchild

Comment on this post before 10:00PM PST on Friday, November 28 to be entered in a chance to win one (1) hardcover copy of:


And, for every 25 entries, one (1) signed hardcover copy of:


Winners will be chosen at random (at from the entrants after the cutoff at 10:00PM PST and will be announced by Sharkchild via email and on this post within 24 hours after the end of the contest.

The winners can be anywhere in the world! The winners must be at least 13 years of age. A winner must respond to Sharkchild’s email within five (5) days to claim a prize.

UPDATE #1: 25 comments reached — 1 copy of THE  DARK VERSE, VOL. 2 is being given!

UPDATE #2: 50 comments reached — 2  copies of THE  DARK VERSE, VOL. 2 are being given!

UPDATE #3: 75 comments reached — 3  copies of THE  DARK VERSE, VOL. 2 are being given!

UPDATE #4: 100 comments reached — 4  copies of THE  DARK VERSE, VOL. 2 are being given!


David Holland (80)



1. AH (57)

2. r.j.banks (116)

3. John Carlucci (81)

4. Steve Thompson (96)

TDV2 First Edition Front Angle


120 Responses to “Book Giveaway 23”

  1. avatar Jaret Bujacich Says:

    I love H.P. Lovecraft!

  2. avatar Aran Says:


  3. avatar Jules Boyle Says:

    This time, the dread tome shall be mine. 🙂

  4. avatar Mattia Galliani Says:

    Wow, I’m really digging your giveaways! (never won, really, but I keep on trying’: that H.P.L. edition makes me drooling every time I see it *-*).

    I’m crossing my tentacl…ehm, fingers… crossing fingers. Yep.

  5. avatar Sean Petrick Says:

    Iä Iä Azathoth!

  6. avatar Abbey H. Says:

    Why do I need this book?
    Because Ivan, my boyfriend, keeps hogging it for himself.

  7. avatar NaGeL Says:

    I’a I’a Darkverse!

  8. avatar andy Says:

    Do want

  9. avatar Kevin Sandefur Says:

    Now that’s a proper Black Friday.

  10. avatar Kelsey Anderson Says:


  11. avatar Michael Says:

    I would love to win either book!

  12. avatar LDP Says:

    Happy Shoggothsgiving!

  13. avatar Felipe Says:

    “Of the pleasures and pains of opium much has been written”

  14. avatar Nolan Watchinski Says:

    Best Black Friday deal

  15. avatar William Ide Says:

    I love that you do these give aways!

  16. avatar Brandon R. A. Hall Says:

    Ah yeah. Gimme some of that madness!

  17. avatar Dillon Says:


  18. avatar Chad Meade Says:

    Outstanding hope you pick me

  19. avatar Thomas Sarvello Says:

    This is fantastic.

  20. avatar gabriela Says:

    Ah! Feeling lucky 🙂

  21. avatar Bob W. Says:

    A must have for every library!

  22. avatar Mike Ebertz Says:

    consider this commented

  23. avatar Wiredwizard Says:

    That would make an excellent addition to my HPL collection!

  24. avatar Nathan Says:

    Lovecraft Thanksgiving Get Hype 🙂

  25. avatar Lob Says:

    Good luck to all entering!

  26. avatar Drina Says:

    *cross fingers*

  27. avatar Cleo Skouri Says:

    Lovecraft is my favorite,after E.A.Poe,of course!

  28. avatar Chris Says:

    This would be a great addition to my collection!

  29. avatar Gerardo Says:

    May luck be on my side

  30. avatar Fernanda Says:

    Waaaaaant! <3

  31. avatar Bawbdawgfr Says:

    i will forgo watching the new Star Wars trailer for a copy of either book

  32. avatar Joshua Says:

    Awesome! Hook me up!

  33. avatar Dexter Says:

    Please throw my name in the hat 🙂

  34. avatar Miklos Says:

    *crosses fingers*

  35. avatar Bruce Crabtree Says:

    who doesn’t love Lovecraft ??? I mean, what’s not to love ???

  36. avatar Talia Clayton Says:

    I love H.P. Lovecraft’s work. I feel like he is truly an underrated author.

  37. avatar JRW Says:

    Always grateful for the chance to read some more Sharkchild

  38. avatar Phil Says:

    Thanks for the contest! Great idea.

  39. avatar Boguslaw Says:

    Cthulhu help me !

  40. avatar Robert Says:

    Always love a chance to win a free book!

  41. avatar Alex G Says:

    Hello. I love you.

  42. avatar D Crookston Says:

    Would love to add these to my collection 🙂

  43. avatar Rafael Lewkowicz Says:

    Lovecraft is my favorite author! Just amazing, but sadly i don’t have any of his books, i read it all on the internet… hope i win! Cheers!

  44. avatar Jesper Lillie Says:

    I love your covers. It has to be in my collection.

  45. avatar Jayme Says:

    I’m conducting an experiment to verify the “wishbone” superstition. Let’s see how it pans out. 🙂

  46. avatar Woofer McWooferson Says:

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  47. avatar Ryan Says:

    Both of these pique my interest. Count me in!

  48. avatar Christina Says:

    Excellent! My classroom could use a copy. 🙂

  49. avatar Ken Johnson Says:

    I love Lovecraft, greatest author ever.

  50. avatar Robert Rhodes Says:

    Hey hey hey give me a book today.

  51. avatar Ken Johnson Says:

    That which is not dead can eternal lie
    And with strange aeons even death may die.

  52. avatar Jason Bridges Says:

    Good stuff.

  53. avatar Ken Johnson Says:

    I’ve got something to say, I need that book today.

  54. avatar Sam Says:

    I really want one of these!!

  55. avatar Lisa Kruse Says:

    Really want!

  56. avatar Jayson Says:

    Yayy Lovecraft

  57. avatar AH Says:

    I prayed to at least five of the elder gods, so I better win this.

  58. avatar Raymond Jackson Says:

    I could use some new reading stuffs! Maybe they’ll let me bring your book with me to jail!

  59. avatar Gerard Says:

    They both look awesome to me!

  60. avatar Oliver Harris Says:

    Eulicedean, truly

  61. avatar Ken Johnson Says:

    Owning that book would be groovy.

  62. avatar Robert Raymond Says:

    That would be awesome reading either way, thanx

  63. avatar it is a mystery Says:

    I’m not using my personal email so I hope that’s ok (this is one i use for online accounts and stuff). and hey ken johnson why don’t you chill out? we all want to win but you’re going a little overboard!

  64. avatar Aryel Says:

    I want these!!! give me give me give me!! x3

  65. avatar Dorian Says:

    This giveaway is an awesome idea !

  66. avatar Becca Says:

    Would love this book, it would make an excellent gift for my husband

  67. avatar Vanessa Says:

    Here’s hoping I have better luck this time.

  68. avatar Mat Cornett Says:

    Sounds like a good deal.

  69. avatar David s Says:

    This looks great!

  70. avatar Marc Says:

    Hope I get lucky!

  71. avatar Herbert Sussman Says:

    That is not dead which can eternal lie!

  72. avatar Dan Says:

    Love it! Thanks for hosting this contest.

  73. avatar Katt Lewis Says:

    And with strange aeons even death may die!

  74. avatar Thresk Says:

    Shoggoths and Deep Ones and Cthulhu? Holy Miskatonic!

  75. avatar Jimmy Broadhead Says:

    Here’s hoping! Happy Thanksgiving!

  76. avatar Byron Stovall Says:

    This is absolutely awesome. Need to look into Vol. 1 as well. Thanks for hosting this contest.

  77. avatar Warren Garnes Says:

    Come on free book! I need some new readin material~

  78. avatar Lyndsey Says:

    If I had even one of these, Shub-Niggurath might return my calls.

  79. avatar Dave Says:

    Thanks for holding this contest again, hope I win!

  80. avatar David Holland Says:

    I’d love this since my collection is on the other side of the planet!

  81. avatar John Carlucci Says:


  82. avatar Jared Kline Says:

    That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die. Best luck — the books look wonderful!

  83. avatar Justin Aaron Hicks Says:

    These are such beautiful books, and I would love to have one!

  84. avatar Eliza Docca Says:

    I would love either of these! 🙂

  85. avatar Michael Benton Says:

    Beautiful books!

  86. avatar Dane Higbee Says:

    Sharkchild knows his stuff and he’s been more than an author. These giveaways, the autographed copies, the booths he sets up, it’s all just fantastic.

  87. avatar Rouchelle J Says:


  88. avatar Prince rontu Says:

    Would love to have dark verse I read most f 3 and love it. The stories really destroy the fabric of reality

  89. avatar jeff parsons Says:

    bulbous banded snarfblat

  90. avatar Tristan Schalkx Says:

    Always looking for something new to read: what an excellent opportunity

  91. avatar PVN Says:

    praise the sun

  92. avatar Mary amber Says:

    Would love these!!

  93. avatar Mary amber Says:

    Awesome! Would love either of these!!

  94. avatar Luke N Says:

    Been meaning to get hold of these books for awhile. Congratulations to anybody who does =)

  95. avatar Altay Says:

    Count me in! I’ve read Lovecraft’s entire body of work but would love to have a handsome omnibus. And this is a perfect opportunity to get into Dark Verse, about which I’ve heard nothing but praise.

  96. avatar Steve Thompson Says:

    I need these for my library .

  97. avatar Michael Pace Says:

    Would love to read your book.

  98. avatar Winnie Xu Says:

    Omggg I have always wanted to read this!!

  99. avatar Psuke Says:

    Beautiful volumes, I’d be stoked to add them to my bookshelves!

  100. avatar Zachary Lan Says:

    I would love to own a copy of this and expand my lovecraft knowledge!!

  101. avatar Jim B Says:

    Looks awesome!

  102. avatar Bryan C Says:

    I need these!

  103. avatar Melinda Deyhle Says:

    yay good luck to everyone 🙂

  104. avatar Carl Thayer Says:

    Me want books. Kewl books.

  105. avatar Jack Says:

    This is a really cool idea, kudos to you for keeping people involved in books!

  106. avatar -Wiggles- Says:


  107. avatar Thomas Fortenberry Says:

    Amazing works! Very kind of you to spread the literary love.

  108. avatar Juan Luis Pérez Says:

    Very cool raffle! If I win, that will go straight to my university library for my students! 🙂 good luck everybody!

  109. avatar Michael Carter Says:

    Fantastic stuff! We love HPL and new horror in England.

  110. avatar Clifton Reintzel Says:

    Would be awesome to check out both of these, also would look gorgeous in my collection.

  111. avatar charles smith Says:

    REH HPL KEW fan

  112. avatar pete Says:

    Keep the creep up! Lovin it!

  113. avatar Eric W Smith Says:

    My doctor said I need this.

  114. avatar David Neilsen Says:

    yes, please.

  115. avatar Dan Says:

    H.P. Rocks!

  116. avatar r.j.banks Says:

    have read hpl since 66 or 67 – was in a bookstore and was blown away by cover art on paperbacks by hpl

  117. avatar Seth Says:

    I like free books. ‘Specially when they good. ;D

  118. avatar Ian McKinnon Says:

    H.P. Lovecraft is what got me into horror, and kept me up at night reading it.

  119. avatar Bethany Li Says:

    H.P lovecraft a day keeps the doctor away 😉

  120. avatar Denis Says:

    Me me me! Pick me please!
    I need this! Badly!

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