Book Giveaway 26

June 30th, 2015 by Sharkchild

Comment on this post before 10:00PM PST on Tuesday, June 30 to be entered in a chance to win:

One (1) hardcover copy of

Winners will be chosen at random (at from the entrants after the cutoff at 10:00PM PST and will be announced by Sharkchild via email and on this post within 24 hours after the end of the contest.

The winners can be anywhere in the world! The winners must be at least 13 years of age. A winner must respond to Sharkchild’s email within five (5) days to claim a prize.



That’s not all! My dark fantasy novel, THE SPIRIT COLLECTORS, is printed, but will not be released until the end of August. However, I am giving away five (5) hardcover copies through Goodreads before its release! I am so, so proud of this book—not only of the story, but of the book’s overall design with its vinyl dust jacket of varying transparencies to allow the foil stamping beneath to show through. Enter the giveaway below:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Spirit Collectors by M. Amanuensis Sharkchild

The Spirit Collectors

by M. Amanuensis Sharkchild

Giveaway ends July 05, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

If you’d rather just pre-order a signed copy, click the book below!


108 Responses to “Book Giveaway 26”

  1. avatar Andy S. Says:

    Good stuff

  2. avatar Amber Says:

    Hoping for some of that Lovecraft luck!

  3. avatar Mark Says:

    I would love to add this to my library.

  4. avatar Marc Says:

    Crossing my fingers!

  5. avatar Brian Doucet Says:


  6. avatar NaGeL Says:

    Lovecraft or the spirit collection….any would be fiine

  7. avatar Jimmy Broadhead Says:

    BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL.. or something. I have your first book (I bought it) and it’s pretty awesome. I wish this were a give away for your other books, but I’ll take a giveaway for this book 🙂

  8. avatar Elizabeth Says:

    I love discovering new Authors!

  9. avatar Sean Says:

    Iä Iä Azathoth!

  10. avatar Mike Ebertz Says:

    Who’s your sharkdaddy, sharkchild?

  11. avatar Thomas Sarvello Says:

    E cosi desio me men.

  12. avatar Chris Carroll Says:

    Hemingway said all American fiction comes from Huckleberry Finn. All horror comes from Lovecraft.

  13. avatar Mik Says:

    Luck is but Cthulhu drawing a little closer

  14. avatar Brian Says:

    Looking forward to be reading your novel man!

  15. avatar Nathan Says:

    YES! I love me some Lovecraft 😀

  16. avatar mealeywrites Says:

    Lovecraft ghost-wrote the bible.

  17. avatar Amy Says:

    Thank you for holding these giveaways!

  18. avatar Kelly Kujawski Says:

    Fingers crossed! Thank you for this opportunity!

  19. avatar David Neilsen Says:

    Yes! I am commenting! Because I can be bought by the possibility of free Lovecraft!

  20. avatar David Neilsen Says:

    I am commenting. Let it be known.

  21. avatar Herb Says:

    That is not dead which cannot write…

  22. avatar Michael W. Says:

    Must Win Lovecraft!

  23. avatar Paolo Says:


  24. avatar Caroline Ruiz Says:

    I hope I can win the book 😛
    Love Lovecraft <3

  25. avatar John Schultz Says:

    Love your work, and fingers crossed!

  26. avatar Jesper Lillie Says:

    Can it be my turn now?

  27. avatar santiago Rodriguez Says:

    Thanks Again for the Giveaway <3

  28. avatar Igor Klôh Says:


  29. avatar Kevin Sandefur Says:


  30. avatar Gerardo Says:

    May luck be with me

  31. avatar Joe Says:

    Back again! HP!!

  32. avatar Anjelica Says:

    I like penguins, grotesque and otherwise

  33. avatar Staci Corcoran Says:


  34. avatar Mattias Says:

    Grat giveaway as always. Looking forward to your future work!

  35. avatar gabi Says:


  36. avatar Christopher Matthew Aranda Says:

    Here’s hoping this comment gets picked

  37. avatar Aran Says:

    got to be this time surely haha

  38. avatar Dillon Says:

    Maybe this is the time I actually win something.

  39. avatar Daniel Rose Says:

    Wow this book is gorgeous!

  40. avatar Chris Willis Says:

    Chris Willis

  41. avatar Holly Monroe Says:


  42. avatar Tracey Fleming Says:

    Need this to go with Vols 1 and 2 that I already own.

  43. avatar Cera Ornelaz Says:

    I would love to have this to add to my collection. 🙂

  44. avatar Samantha Gray Says:

    Did Chris Willis really just post his name?! >:)

  45. avatar Cathy Doyle Says:

    My Lovecraft collection needs this , Please?

  46. avatar Aissa Guindo Says:

    I love H. P. Lovecraft! Thanks for the opportunity 😀

  47. avatar Eray Says:

    H.P. be on my side:=)

  48. avatar Lob Says:

    Big money, no whammies!

  49. avatar Erick Peraza Says:

    Hope I get lucky!

  50. avatar Yves Parent Says:

    good stuff indeed.

  51. avatar Pablo Buján Says:

    Thanks for your kindness!!!

  52. avatar Brad Patterson Says:


  53. avatar Brian Cason Says:

    Free books…yay!!

  54. avatar Juan I. Lloret Says:

    Hope I win, always longed for an english version of all my Lovecraft’s favorites.

  55. avatar Eduardo Cortes Says:

    Hope to win this book I love all his books and recommendations. 😀

  56. avatar Damien Allen Says:

    I wanna win this soooo bad

  57. avatar SKUnsworth Says:

    Nice one.

  58. avatar Bal-Gorgoth Says:

    Ph’nglui Mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

  59. avatar Kelsey Says:

    Come onnnnn, really want to win this time. :s

  60. avatar Alois Stark Says:

    This. I need this.

  61. avatar Darkon Says:

    I want it! I look the desing

  62. avatar Jason Griswold Says:

    Very cool. Love the look of your own book! Best of luck to everyone.

  63. avatar Joe Says:

    What’s the point of winning? It all ends in either death or insanity!

  64. avatar Ulra Alegnos Says:

    Let’s hope that the stars are right this time ;).

  65. avatar Feo Amante Says:

    Let’s see what happens, next!

  66. avatar JC Boysha Says:

    I had one of these at one point, a former room mate stole it. I’d love to get a new one!

  67. avatar Dim Vekios Says:

    An AWESOME book from an AWESOME writer…

  68. avatar Dim Vekios Says:

    “Ph’nglui Mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.”

  69. avatar mwiddows Says:


  70. avatar pedeyw Says:

    I’m from Ireland and I’m painfully unlucky. Hope this works.

  71. avatar Andy Hardy Says:

    Cool. Thanks.

  72. avatar Dane Higbee Says:

    It’s been said Sharkchild writes similar to Lovecraft. It would be awesome to compare the two.

  73. avatar Jazmyn Bishop Says:

    Gotta love Sharkchild <3

  74. avatar Luke Says:

    Gotta love SharkChild!

  75. avatar Ivik Jacob Larsen Says:

    This is so cool. Very neat, giving away books! Kudos!

  76. avatar miguel Says:

    I hope….

  77. avatar Fran Says:

    Great book and cover.

    Crossing fingers!!

  78. avatar Jon Says:

    Looking forward to The Spirit Collectors!

  79. avatar Jake Says:

    Really hope I win this 😀

  80. avatar Ashley Says:

    That’s a lovely book.

  81. avatar Chad Meade Says:

    Hope I win

  82. avatar Aaron Says:

    Good luck to everyone!

  83. avatar Adam Says:


  84. avatar Richard Habyan Says:

    What an awesome collection!

  85. avatar Dave Lake Says:

    I hope I win. Thanks!

  86. avatar Lisa M. Bello Says:

    I met you at BookCon and you were awesome. 🙂

  87. avatar Dan Says:

    Love it!

  88. avatar Nicholas Consola Says:

    I dont want a copy of this book as I own a copy already, and it is awesome! I just wanted to say your books are amazing!

  89. avatar Øystein Says:

    I’m in great need of Lovekraft! (Allready have The Spirit Collector)

  90. avatar Seth Says:

    Free stuff sounds cool. P.S. Your writing rules.

  91. avatar Guy Says:

    Never pass up an opportunity for a free book.

  92. avatar Philippe Fontaine Says:

    Thank you for your generosity. I am liking The Dark Verse II, I hope to read Thralldoms soon.

  93. avatar Brian Kulbaba Says:

    Gotta love Sharkchild and his amazing book giveaways

  94. avatar Rafael Lewkowicz Says:

    My third time trying 🙂 haha Have read almost all of lovecraft tales, wish i could win this beautiful copy and have it on my shelf 🙂

    Cheers, mate. Your website is amazing. Wish i could enter the giveaway of your book but it seems youre not accepting entrys from Brazil there =/ Anyway, keep it up! cheers!

  95. avatar Jayson Says:

    Shaaaaaaark buddy

  96. avatar Brittany Says:

    Was lucky enough to meet this creative and talented author at Book Con, NYC! Hoping I can be lucky enough to win this collection now.

  97. avatar Amanda Says:

    Great idea this is, love it.

  98. avatar Chris Says:

    I would love to own this book! 🙂

  99. avatar Uri Slavcev Says:

    Awesome book! A must have for any lover of the genre.

  100. avatar Matieu Bissonnette Says:

    Good luck, errybody.

  101. avatar Damian Says:

    Very nice book

  102. avatar Erik Wilking Says:

    Hey Sharkchild, glad I checked my email in time!

  103. avatar Trevor Says:

    Always nice to see these in the inbox, can’t wait for TDV Vol 4!

  104. avatar Tom Says:

    Whew! Almost forgot!

  105. avatar Betty Ochoa Says:

    I want to win!

  106. avatar Chris Says:

    Yay! Gotta love these giveaways 😀

    Good luck everyone!

  107. avatar Nicholas Consola Says:

    Sad I didn’t win… so I just ordered it! I love the audio version you put up. Will you be doing a full audio version of the book?

  108. avatar Sharkchild Says:

    Thank you, Nicholas! There will definitely be a full audiobook version! It’s still in progress right now.

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