Book Giveaway 3

November 7th, 2012 by Sharkchild

Comment on this post before 10:00PM PST to be entered in a chance to win a copy of H.P. LOVECRAFT: THE COMPLETE FICTION!

For every 25 comments/entries, a copy of THE DARK VERSE, VOL. 1: FROM THE PASSAGES OF REVENANTS will also be given away!

Winner(s) will be chosen at random from the entrants after the cutoff at 10:00PM PST and will be contacted by Sharkchild via email.

The winners can be anywhere in the world!

UPDATE #1: 25 comments reached—one copy of The Dark Verse, Volume 1 is also being given!

UPDATE #2: 50 comments reached—two copies of The Dark Verse, Volume 1 will also be given!

UPDATE #3: 175 comments reached—seven copies of The Dark Verse, Volume 1 will also be given—WOW!

UPDATE #4: 225 comments reached—nine copies of The Dark Verse, Volume 1 will also be given—dang!

UPDATE #5: 275 comments reached—11 copies of The Dark Verse, Volume 1 will be given, too, now—this is what I call a stackable giveaway!

UPDATE #6: 325 comments reached—13 copies of The Dark Verse, Volume 1 are being given!

WINNERS (picked by


Enjiru (215)


1. Jake (201)
2. Jacob (237)
3. Cody Campbell (180)
4. titania86 (82)
5. Lindsey (37)
6. J. Hartline (45)
7.  Jessica (220)
8. Nathaniel Smith (161)
9. Isaac (259)
10. Scott (58)
11. R. Dungjen (98)
12. Ulruth (267)
13.  Brandon (13)

341 Responses to “Book Giveaway 3”

  1. avatar TheLolnerdgurl Says:

    This is awesome, i’d love to have it.

  2. avatar john Says:

    now that is one awesome hardcover!

  3. avatar Scott Says:

    Oh man, this would be awesome to own! Especially since I’ve lent all of my Lovecraft to friends who never return them.

  4. avatar Nathaniel Kelley Says:

    Who could say no to a Lovecraft collection?

  5. avatar George Says:

    My daughter loves horror and this would be an awesome gift!!

  6. avatar Andrew Whitt Says:

    I would absolutely love you forever if I won this. HP Lovecraft is my all time favorite author and it’s his style that makes me love your work so much. I have several different collections but have never picked up the Complete collection and have always wanted one. His work influenced a musical project I wrote for for the last several years and Inspires me everyday! I’m also a kickstarter backer for your new project and am very excited to read it.


    A Ridiculous HP lovecraft fanboy

    aka Andrew Whitt

  7. avatar Adam Nowak Says:

    That book would be so great on any bookshelf!!! Thanks M.!

  8. avatar Christopher Willis Says:

    I could not love a human baby as much as I love this.

  9. avatar Arthur Says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. avatar Derrik Walker v2.0 Says:


  11. avatar Jack Says:

    I haven’t read many of these stories and would love to!

  12. avatar Ben Philibert Says:

    H.P. Lovecraft is one of the top-dog pioneers in the craft of horror writing, if not THE, and I envy the lucky SOB who will eventually end up winning this.

  13. avatar Brandon Says:

    This book would be the perfect addition to my secret library!

  14. avatar Ryan Says:

    This is a fantastic give-away. Kudos to you. And I hope I win.

  15. avatar Matt Says:

    Thanks, Love me some Lovecraft

  16. avatar William E. Hart Says:

    If you pull my name, please send The Complete Fiction to Andrew Whitt (especially if it is the corrected edition with the silver gilt and purple ribbon!), because I already have a copy, and his hunger for the book was so well expressed; but I would not turn down a copy of The Dark Verse Vol.I for myself! Thank You, and Good Luck Andrew! Will Hart CthulhuWho1 (dot) com (where you can now find my complete reading of Lovecraft’s, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward in MP3! willhart (at) roadrunner (dot) com.

  17. avatar Adam_Octo_Morrii Says:

    I love books. Especially free books.

  18. avatar Ryan Says:

    All the Love(craft), half the space!

  19. avatar kyle Says:

    Oh hot damn. This shall be my trigger book to my secret room, when i build it

  20. avatar Josh Says:

    So much reading! I really enjoyed your first book.

  21. avatar Jacob Says:

    Oh wow, this is pretty cool. Best of luck!

  22. avatar Mike Says:

    Very cool place, I might stick around!

  23. avatar David Duby Says:

    Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment, I would definitely love to have this! I could officially go to my grave if I won my bucket list would be complete

  24. avatar Douglas Says:

    Very generous. Glad that someone is helping to keep literature alive.

  25. avatar Walt Alger Says:

    Yay! I LOVE me some lovecraft. Enter me, please…well, that sounded fairly dirty….I liked it…

  26. avatar Georges Says:

    No way! I could use a new read! Awesome giveaway.

  27. avatar Jimmy Says:

    I’m just getting into horror literature. I’d love for this to eat up all my free time!

  28. avatar Zack Says:

    Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!

  29. avatar Joseph Says:

    I own five lovecraft-based board games and all of the literature. I’d love to have this @__@

  30. avatar Chris Breton Says:

    This is a very nice looking book, would love to have a nice collection of all of lovecraft’s material in hard cover. Keep it wierd, and thanks for offering this.

  31. avatar Thom Huttner Says:

    I remember reading H.P. Lovecraft for the first time… freaked me out for a solid week.

  32. avatar Yog Says:

    Been meaning to snag a copy of this book. It puts ‘Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales of H.P. Lovecraft’ to shame.

  33. avatar Halfstache Says:

    Although I’ve read quite a lot of HPL, I don’t actually own any books of his. Here’s to hoping that changes soon.

  34. avatar DJ Says:

    Thanks for running such a cool contest!

  35. avatar Ryan Sullivan Says:

    This looks awesome! One entry please!

  36. avatar Marc Says:

    I’ve only got one Lovecraft book, I need this in my life!

  37. avatar Lindsey Says:

    This would be super awesome, but I have this weird guilt. Like I don’t deserve it because someone else would benefit from it more. And then I tell myself that I’m full of shit, because no one NEEDS an awesome book, so much as they just really WANT it. So, yay for free literature!

  38. avatar Corpsegrinder Says:

    Lost my collection, this would be good to motivate me to start it again.

  39. avatar Kate W-R Says:

    OOOOOOH that’s shiny. I would love it!

  40. avatar John Schultz Says:

    Very cool and most awesome. I’ll take one entry.

  41. avatar Cthulhu Ftagn Says:

    The Complete Fiction… *drools, continues drooling, collapses in an attempt to fathom the unknowable horrors that are manifest in corporeal form*

  42. avatar Dirk A. Jihad Says:

    That would look so inviting on my book shelf.

  43. avatar Eric Says:

    Such an appropriate color scheme for what lies within.

  44. avatar Not Whateley Says:

    >inb4 I don’t win
    >posting anyway

  45. avatar J. Hartline Says:

    It would be cool to own these, rather than borrowing from the library.

  46. avatar Andrew W Says:

    Pretty nice. Consider this my entry.

  47. avatar Curlaub Says:


  48. avatar The_Josh Says:

    Very cool and exciting! Good luck to everyone (and good luck to me!)

  49. avatar soundwave429 Says:


  50. avatar E Hirsch Says:

    Nice site! Subscribed!

  51. avatar Tyler Y. Says:

    To win this would be epic. I love Hovercraft!

  52. avatar Tyler Y. Says:

    To win this would be epic. I love Lovecraft.

  53. avatar Kevin Says:

    I love Lovecraft’s work, but haven’t read all of it yet; would love to win this.

  54. avatar Mitch D Says:

    I really want to read more of lovecraft and this sounds great.

  55. avatar Sharkchild Says:

    Two Dark Verse, Volume 1 books are being given away, too, now!

  56. avatar Rob Says:

    Just getting into Lovecraft, been thinking about getting this, cool idea

  57. avatar Andrew F. Says:

    H.P. Lovecraft would want me to have this. I’ve never won anything in my life, so let’s see what happens.

  58. avatar Scott Says:

    I can’t wait for the Dark verse Vol 2! Will you pusue a Vol. 3?

  59. avatar Douglas Ferrell Says:

    Today is my birthday. I would like to win. Thank you.

  60. avatar Sharkchild Says:

    Definitely! I’m going to run another Kickstarter campaign for it early next year.

  61. avatar Befall Says:

    Count me in, HP is amazing. 🙂

  62. avatar Lasternom Says:

    Cool price for a contest can’t wait to see this on my self 😀
    Thanks for the site and keep up being awesome

  63. avatar Robbie Says:

    I would love this! People like you make the world filled with a little more awesome and a lot less suck.

  64. avatar Ca5bahm Says:

    I’d love to enter!

  65. avatar May Says:

    I’d love to win! I need more books to read in college

  66. avatar Entborn Says:

    Oh man, I just got into Lovecraft, and I’m loving it completely. You’re pretty sweet for offering this giveaway. I hope whoever wins enjoys it completely.

  67. avatar Fernando Says:

    HI, yes please!

  68. avatar Mark Says:

    Complete? Count me in.

  69. avatar Daniel Says:


  70. avatar John Says:

    This is quite nice of you.

  71. avatar Ken Says:


  72. avatar Brian Doucet Says:

    Hells yes!

  73. avatar steve Says:

    you’re awesome, thanks for doing this! r/horror!!!!

  74. avatar Jam Says:

    Dead Cthulhu waits…Reading!

  75. avatar Nils Says:

    Ey, contests be cool and balls.

  76. avatar Sean Says:

    I’m in, good luck everyone!

  77. avatar Gob Blooth Says:

    Thanks for doing this!

  78. avatar Denis Says:

    Is praying Cthulhu and sacrificing victims to win is an allowed practice ?
    Well, given my luck I’m pretty sure I won’t have it anyway.
    (Greetings from France)

  79. avatar Carlos Says:


  80. avatar Dave Says:

    I love books. Especially forgotten eldritch books.

  81. avatar Charles Coslor Says:

    Hi, sounds like a fun giveaway! And I am very interested in ‘The Dark Verse’ as well!

  82. avatar titania86 Says:

    Thanks for posting this on Reddit! Looks amazing.

  83. avatar Dave Says:

    That is one good looking book.

  84. avatar John Says:

    Sounds like an awesome give away!

  85. avatar yawhatever123 Says:

    Thanks for posting this hope I win 🙂

  86. avatar Hans Says:

    Thanks for holding this contest. Interested in the chance to win myself, but seems like a good way to get people to try Lovecraft for the first time or dust off their copies.

  87. avatar Teeps Says:

    I would love to win this book! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  88. avatar Daniel Hooks Says:

    I WANT!

  89. avatar An-derp Says:

    I like books.

  90. avatar Julie Says:

    Great promo! I’d love to win!

  91. avatar Brian McDonald Says:

    Yes, I would very much like this. And I’ll be checking out the podcast as well. Thanks for posting on Reddit.

  92. avatar Carnahan Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the results. Here’s to winning and the winner!

  93. avatar ChemicaLust Says:

    Now I can stay up all night all over.

  94. avatar PascAlucard91 Says:

    I would love to have that book! Especially because it’s hard in my country to get books from Lovecraft!

  95. avatar Misiok Says:

    I never won any of these, but I’d love to at least have a chance at this now, especially once I read you’re okay with shipping internationally, so yay for that. I’d love to add that to my collection.

  96. avatar snaga Says:

    Awesome, would love to have it C;

  97. avatar BRUTALproduct Says:

    From the depths of R’yleh I come to claim this tome.

  98. avatar R.Dungjen Says:

    This would be an excellent addition to any library.

  99. avatar Timothy M. Says:

    Long time Lovecraft fan here, thanks for posting to Reddit so us Lovecraftians can be a part of this.

  100. avatar Froibo Says:

    I am here for the free swag.

  101. avatar iLEZ Says:

    I’ve been trying to order this exact version from a Swedish online bookstore for a few weeks. They claim that they have it, but when I order it they eventually mail me and tell me that alas, the book will not be be sent for some obscure reason. I suspect a foul conspiracy of ancient and unholy character that prevents me from enjoying this collection of tales. So get on with it! Send that book over the treacherous waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the frozen shores of Sweden.

    Yours in terror

  102. avatar Lonmonster Says:

    I have wanted a copy of this book for so long! Thank you so much for running this giveaway contest. Best of luck to everyone!

  103. avatar Kev Malone Says:

    Sure, I’ll try.

    Please, please!

  104. avatar Christopher E Says:

    I’d love this, haven’t read anything of him, would be lovely to be able to !

  105. avatar joseph rice Says:

    pick me!!!!!

  106. avatar Casey Biernacki Says:


  107. avatar sunovacunt Says:

    Everybody calm down. Sharkchild, I will take this off your hands.

  108. avatar Michael Cota Says:

    Lovecraft is an amazing Gothic writer and i would love to have all his available works within a single tomb.

  109. avatar Andrea Says:

    Saw this contest on reddit so I am commenting to enter. Hope I win!

  110. avatar Olivia Says:

    Always but a horror fan but just got in to reason Lovecraft (how did it take me so long? No idea!) This would be great to add to my budding horror book collection! 🙂

  111. avatar SorenTrigg Says:

    This seems really cool. Thank you for doing this.

  112. avatar pinkyslayer Says:

    my apartment will soon smell of fine leatherbound books and rich mahogany

  113. avatar Darren87 Says:

    Wow, that’s sweet. Good on you dude!

  114. avatar Aaron Says:

    Wow. That’s a fine looking tome.

  115. avatar Laura Wm Says:

    Oh yes! This is on my Christmas wishlist 😀

  116. avatar Ajborn2game Says:


  117. avatar swivelchair Says:

    Thanks for doing this! Count me in!

  118. avatar BattleBull Says:

    What a cool book, someone has to get it, I hope I do!

  119. avatar zach Says:

    Sweet contest bro

  120. avatar RavenSilverwolf Says:

    Simply brilliant! Thank you for the chance to win!

  121. avatar Ben Alpert Says:

    Now that is a prize worth winning.

    How they fit so much non-Euclidean geometry in a 3 dimensional book is beyond comprehension

  122. avatar couldbeboth Says:

    This is awesome. Thanks for doing this.

  123. avatar Erin Shaw Says:

    I love this book

  124. avatar grandma caesar Says:

    This giveaway is awesome. It offers me some awe. Now I am full of awe. I am an awe-full person.

  125. avatar Timothy Says:

    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

  126. avatar Pixie Says:


  127. avatar invadernny Says:

    Heres hopeing that for once ill finaly win a contest in my life

  128. avatar Weirdsall Says:

    Here’s hoping the old ones smile upon me and I receive this tome.

  129. avatar Danagon Says:

    Awesome! I’d love a copy of either book! 😀

  130. avatar dolo Says:

    Give away sure count me in

  131. avatar Doombuggyman Says:

    I think my bookshelf needs a copy of this book!

  132. avatar Eldersign Says:

    What a beautiful book.

  133. avatar Tangurena Says:

    Count me in, please!

  134. avatar forcejump Says:

    Super rad!

  135. avatar John Says:

    Nice. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome book!

  136. avatar Aaron Moore Says:

    Hope I get it! This’ll be great.

  137. avatar smallkid Says:

    by the beard of zeus!

  138. avatar Kieran Says:

    Would like this a lot! thanks 😀

  139. avatar Amankhan Says:

    Yes please!

  140. avatar Matthew Says:

    I’m in. I would love to have this.

  141. avatar remann Says:

    yay free books!

  142. avatar Slotha Says:

    How exciting.
    That’s a nice lookin’ book there, I want it.
    Thanks for the giveaway, I like your site.

  143. avatar JoshuaVeheme Says:

    Hope I win!

  144. avatar Nuuro Says:

    That’s awesome!

  145. avatar Tony Says:

    Man I would love a copy of this!

  146. avatar Brandon Storm Says:

    Hey mate, thanks for having this contest.

    I live in Toronto, Canada and we have no stores that carry this book, a book which is at the top of my wishlist by the way.

    Would love to win.


  147. avatar Jason Says:

    This book would be a great addition to my Special Collections.

  148. avatar Dominic Says:

    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

  149. avatar fisty Says:

    That’s gorgeous; I want!

  150. avatar 4th guy Says:

    I just finished reading The Shadow over Innsmouth for the first time. Did NOT see that ending coming 😀

  151. avatar Brian Says:


  152. avatar Jimmy Tentacle-Face Says:

    That is a nice looking book.

  153. avatar JohnT Says:

    This would go well with my future tattoo work! Good luck to all!!

  154. avatar SpecterM91 Says:

    Ooh, I’ve been dieing to get into Lovecraft’s work for years now but never had the chance. I’d love something like this to be my starting point.

  155. avatar Nate Says:

    You’re awesome for doing this. Also that book is awesome.

  156. avatar Marie Senna Says:

    Better odds than a state lottery. Fingers crossed.

  157. avatar Corey Shepherd Says:

    Good looking artwork on the cover. Looks great.

  158. avatar Christina Says:

    This is awesome! Would really love this.

  159. avatar Prof_Mordarm Says:

    I had an old copy but mine got eaten by a random Mi-Go. Need a new one to keep somewhat sane. Thanks for the giveaway!

  160. avatar Mike Says:

    I enjoy Lovecraft and free things so very much.

  161. avatar nathaniel smith Says:

    beautiful publication!

  162. avatar facebrick Says:

    ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

  163. avatar nas hedron Says:

    Well damn, given how hard it is to find a decent selection of English books here in Brazil I’d love to have a copy of this.

  164. avatar John Poe Says:

    I’ve only read a few of his stories and I would love to read more!

  165. avatar Kevin Says:

    This looks great! Here’s hoping.

  166. avatar Leanne Says:

    Lovely giveaway! Such a pretty book. I came from deep down under…from Reddit.

  167. avatar Samuel Says:

    Really cool of you doing this!

  168. avatar Josh R Says:

    Wow, very cool giveaway…

  169. avatar Rollie Says:

    whoa that cover is gorgeous

  170. avatar sean calverley Says:

    Lost all my lovecraft novels due to an idiot roomate , would love a complete collection. would go great with my howards

  171. avatar Ali Says:

    Oh this is awesome! I hope I win 🙂

  172. avatar Cassilda Says:

    Cthulhu fhtagn!

  173. avatar Wiggles Says:

    Big fan of Lovecraft. Cool giveaway!

  174. avatar PhilipkWeiner Says:

    I-I-I’ve never won anything before…

  175. avatar iltaqi Says:

    I too would like this book

  176. avatar Connor Says:

    I’d really love this in my claws right now.

  177. avatar Felix Says:

    Very nice initiative! That cover looks stunning.

  178. avatar Jessica Says:

    I would give this to my teenage daughter if I win it. She’s one of the only one of her friends not into the teenage vampire thing. This would keep her from that wrong crowd.

  179. avatar Jordan Grant Says:

    I love me some Lovecraft!

  180. avatar cody campbell Says:

    I love your first book, and I am OBSESSED with H.P. Lovecraft, I wanna win!!

  181. avatar Wernest Says:

    You’re doing a great job! I love Lovecraft!

  182. avatar Nik Says:

    Looks fantastic! The cover is just beautiful.

  183. avatar TheSultan Says:

    I like prizes!

  184. avatar Aaron Says:

    Awesome. Entering.

  185. avatar Michael Says:

    Looks like a good addition to any collection!

  186. avatar crooked frame Says:

    Gotta love Lovecraft.

  187. avatar Al3X Says:

    Looks like a beautiful edition! Would love to add it to the collection…

  188. avatar Hickspy Says:


  189. avatar Werewolf Says:

    Sounds awesome! Would love to win it.

  190. avatar Thom Says:

    I’d love to read some H.P.!

  191. avatar Orla Says:

    These are such beautiful copies, would be pride of place in any collection!

  192. avatar Jon Says:

    Awesome give-away. Thanks for the opportunity.

  193. avatar Loki Says:

    I love Lovecraft. The perfect reading for a good scare.

  194. avatar Jimbo Slice Says:

    This looks amazing! I recently began reading Lovecrafts stories, and this would be an amazing thing to have!

  195. avatar albydeutch Says:

    A true giveaway for the ages.

  196. avatar Omnioto Says:

    Lovecraft informs my election choices. 😛

  197. avatar HoopyFreud Says:

    Oh sweet Tsathoggua, yes.

  198. avatar James Says:

    Yes! What an awesome giveaway!! CTHULHU FLA’AGN!

  199. avatar Sethreich Ardestahdt Says:

    Yes, so much yes.

    Here’s to 300!

  200. avatar Guydc3 Says:

    The soul of my firstborn child for a free copy. Fair trade?

  201. avatar Jake Says:

    Looks beautiful, I’d love to have a copy!

  202. avatar Richard Says:

    I’d love to win

  203. avatar Alex Sandell Says:

    Wow, this is fantastic! I have always wanted to get into Lovecraft :’)

  204. avatar toreap Says:

    I’d love to have a copy 😀

  205. avatar Jesus Says:

    Anywhere in the world? Nice.

  206. avatar Arturo Says:

    This would be awesome, thank you.

  207. avatar Jimmy Broadhead Says:

    I’ve wanted this book for awhile. Entering! *crossing fingers*

  208. avatar Jeff Says:

    Thanks for this. Would love to have it.

  209. avatar ron Says:

    A chance to win, you say? Sign me up!

  210. avatar John Says:

    Throwing my hat in!

  211. avatar Andrew Cole Says:


  212. avatar Justin Says:

    Awesome job getting this many comments! Sign me up for a copy!

  213. avatar Eric Evans Says:

    Good on ya for giving away such an awesome piece of literature.

  214. avatar Nick Cybulski Says:

    Oh man i am excited.

  215. avatar Enjiru Says:

    You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  216. avatar Trav Morris Says:

    THis is so awesome! I’d love to add this to my collection!

  217. avatar Brett Tucker Says:

    Do I roll a sanity check if I win?

  218. avatar Jamie Pedersen Says:

    Oh man, I have been looking for this edition for a while, as a huge Lovecraft fan I would love this on my shelf. Thank you for the opportunity, cool contest!

  219. avatar Paul Leonard Says:

    I’d love to have this. I just got my wife into Lovecraft and she’s hooked. Having this for our collection would help her be able to read some of the rarer stories while also being a great addition to our library.

  220. avatar jessica Says:

    i would DEVOUR this!!!

  221. avatar Martin B Says:

    Great contest, good luck everyone.

  222. avatar Keven Says:

    I am interested in getting a copy of the dark verse instead if that’s possible :p.

  223. avatar Christian S. Says:

    This contest is great and Lovecraft is one of my favourite writers, I’d absolutely love to add that book to my little collection 🙂
    Good luck everyone!

  224. avatar Manbear Says:

    A beautiful addition to anyone’s collection.

  225. avatar Andy Says:

    Wow, the cover for the Lovecraft book looks fantastic.

  226. avatar Joel Detwiler Says:

    Cthulhu 2016!

  227. avatar Joel Detwiler Says:

    Mmm… Eldritch goodness.

  228. avatar Conor Doherty Says:

    Looked into it but never read any and i really want to

  229. avatar Conor Doherty Says:

    never read it but really want to

  230. avatar Joshua Nolting Says:

    This is awesome, I hope I win one. Lovecraft has inspired me since I was given my first copy of Mountains of Madness.

    IA! IA! F’TAUGN!

  231. avatar Amelia Says:

    Lovecraftian fiction, oh my.

  232. avatar Brandi Says:

    I would get this for my boyfriend for his birthday, he is a huge fan of Lovecraft.

  233. avatar Vi Says:

    I would really love to own those books.

  234. avatar Jeelzebub Says:

    I’ve been wanting this very book for ages!

  235. avatar eric maestas Says:

    would love to have a copy!

  236. avatar Tracy Mitchell Says:

    It is great that you are getting your name and your stories out there, an H.P. Lovecraft would be a great piece in my library. Thank you,

  237. avatar Jacob Says:

    I have become addicted to Lovecraft’s work over the last several years. Finding the books is hard, though and giving away a high quality book like this is very generous. Thank you!

  238. avatar justin e jones Says:

    Today has been a wonderful day and this would be the gravy on top! thanks for doing this!

  239. avatar Lilly Says:

    Wow great comp – Lovecraft is my favourite gothic nightmare, this would be perfect for the cold winter nights!

  240. avatar Dane Higbee Says:

    This. I wanna win.
    I think you’re just fantastic.

  241. avatar Alejandro Says:

    Meeeeeee! Please!

  242. avatar alan Says:

    Please! I have been looking for this book forever.

  243. avatar Rigo Says:

    Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!

  244. avatar Matt Weir Says:

    You’ve sold me. Consider me entered. Good luck to everyone!

  245. avatar Glen Says:

    Commenting for entry 🙂

  246. avatar DrBlanko Says:

    Always a big fan of Lovecraft’s work

  247. avatar Hank Says:

    Entering for great justice!

  248. avatar Will Says:

    Sure would be nice to have one of those

  249. avatar JCF Says:

    Thanks for doing this! Here’s hoping I can get one of your books!

  250. avatar Drew Caldwell Says:

    Leather bound book of H.P. Lovecraft? I need a new bible, sign me up!

  251. avatar Faith and Poe Says:

    Wow, this is wonderful. Not just the contest, but the sheer interest in Lovecraft from everyone! Best of luck to all who entered!

  252. avatar Riddleboxjoker Says:

    Been looking at this one for awhile now. Hope I win!

  253. avatar Kan Says:

    Whoah, even the cover looks amazing.

  254. avatar mike Says:

    Rad giveaway. Thanks and good luck to all

  255. avatar Intolerant of Humans Says:

    Would love one!

  256. avatar alpain Says:

    Would so love to have a copy of that.

  257. avatar Mud Says:

    I am commenting for obvious reasons.

  258. avatar AltReality Says:

    I could go for a copy of this book…looks pretty awesome 🙂

  259. avatar Isaac Says:

    I’d very much like one of these.

  260. avatar BDD Says:

    I actually have something like this on my Kindle but I would loveeeeee to have an actual book on my shelf.

  261. avatar Nick S Says:


  262. avatar Aydar Shaildayev Says:

    I would love this! I’ve been meaning to get my hands on this anyway for a while.

  263. avatar Willy Beebe Says:

    Oh man this looks awesome sign me up

  264. avatar Sam Says:

    epic looking book

  265. avatar kyle Says:

    this is an amazing book

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  268. avatar Alan Says:

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  270. avatar Han Says:

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  271. avatar Gnunou Says:

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  272. avatar Aladdin Says:

    Very cool, please consider randomly selecting me, thanks! May Nyarlathotep guide the hands of chaos.

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    11 copies of The Dark Verse, Volume 1 are also being given away now! Impressive!

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  286. avatar Grindle Says:

    That’s a sick looking tome.

  287. avatar cuddlefish Says:

    I’ll throw my hat into the ring, I’d love to actually own a physical copy of his works and that cover is gorgeous. Thanks for doing this!

  288. avatar Matthew Newland Says:

    I would love to have this! I lost all of my books in a move!

  289. avatar Sam Payne Says:

    This would look great next to the Necronomicon on my shelf.

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  294. avatar James Says:


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  296. avatar Adam Says:

    This is an awesome thing you’re doing. Literature needs more of this type of thing!

  297. avatar Josua gaumond Says:

    If I win, ship it directly to r’lyeh

  298. avatar Hibernica Says:

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  334. avatar Mr. Grieves Says:

    Not sure if I’m horrifically late, but worth a go. Do love me some ancient horrors and what-have-you.

  335. avatar Wiktor Ulanski Says:


  336. avatar Sharkchild Says:

    I picked the winners! You can see them in the post. I’ll also be emailing the winners. Congratulations!

    Thank you, everyone, so much for participating! I’m so glad to be a part of such a large Lovecraft community. Stay tuned for more giveaways to come!

  337. avatar Lepertum Says:

    Not sure if I’m still on time but would love to have one!

  338. avatar Lepertum Says:

    …And I just saw the last post. Screw timezones 🙁

  339. avatar John Parsons Says:

    According to his biography, the man drank alcohol once. He was pleasant, amicable and entirely social with no hint of darkness. Thank god he didn’t make it a habit.

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  341. avatar Heide CLark Says:

    I yearn for this thing. This is my entry.

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