Book Giveaway 8

March 15th, 2013 by Sharkchild

Comment on this post before 10:00PM PST tonight (March 15th) to be entered in a chance to win one of three (3) copies of:


Winners will be chosen at random (at from the entrants after the cutoff at 10:00PM PST tonight and will be contacted by Sharkchild via email.

The winners can be anywhere in the world! The winners must be at least 13 years of age.


  • Cory (16)
  • Dane (4)
  • Chris M (17)

TDV2 First Edition Front Angle

58 Responses to “Book Giveaway 8”

  1. avatar glen Says:

    Looking foward to more of your great work.

  2. avatar Tessa haub Says:

    Hopefully I win lol

  3. avatar Kan Says:

    Yay, another awesome book.

  4. avatar Dane Says:

    I want this one so bad.

  5. avatar Ryan Says:

    Thanks for doing these!

  6. avatar Mattias Says:

    Great giveaway as always~

  7. avatar Codycthulhu Says:

    I need this! Vol. 1 is amazing!!

  8. avatar J Says:


  9. avatar Joey Gordon Says:

    I’ve got the first one, and the second would look really nice on my mantle with it.

  10. avatar Rg Lovecraft Says:

    Very much looking forward to checking this out!

  11. avatar John Figura II Says:

    Must….complete……my……..collection. Well sort of. Vol. 3 will be needed for that too. But that’s another story. This will keep my collection up to date.

  12. avatar David Says:

    Nice. I’m due for a new book!

  13. avatar Chris Says:

    Can I go two for two?

  14. avatar Chad Fleming Says:

    SO want this!!! πŸ˜‰

  15. avatar Junior Says:

    Man, I read Volume 1 and LOVED it! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  16. avatar Cory Says:

    Yes please!

  17. avatar Chris M Says:

    Would love

  18. avatar May Says:

    I’d be delighted to read one of your works πŸ™‚ Best of luck and good luck to all contestants!

  19. avatar Matt Says:

    Whether I win or not, this will be something I read!

  20. avatar Jesus Nava Says:

    Good luck, can wait to read it (win it or not)

  21. avatar Keith G. Says:

    Fingers crossed!

  22. avatar Joe Goforth Says:

    What a beautiful cover. Me wants it!

  23. avatar Carlos Chavez Says:

    i love all your stories they are some of the unique and frightening things you have written i been a fan since 2009

  24. avatar Aaron Says:


  25. avatar Kody Says:

    I have never read it… But I hope too!!!!

  26. avatar Chad Says:

    Would love to get this for a friend!

  27. avatar Rob Says:

    Looks awesome! I’d love to give it a look.

  28. avatar John Says:

    This sounds interesting. First I have heard of your work. I’ll definitely look more into it whether or not I win.

  29. avatar John Says:

    Looks great! Your stories rock!

  30. avatar kaleb mixon Says:

    Thanks again Sharkchild!

  31. avatar Scott Says:

    Looks cool..awesome cover artwork

  32. avatar Josh Says:

    Looks pretty cool!

  33. avatar JD Says:

    *rolls dice*

  34. avatar nick Says:

    Looks like a great addition to any horror collection!

  35. avatar Bwukki Says:


  36. avatar DeadLights Says:


  37. avatar Matt Says:

    Love horror!

  38. avatar William W Says:

    Keep up the good work. Hoping for more fine horror stories in the future.

  39. avatar Kyle Says:

    I love you’re work! Looking forward to more πŸ˜€

  40. avatar Gorewithsoul Says:

    Great books! Keep up the good work!

  41. avatar Kevin Cruz Says:

    Awww man, I’d kill to get my hands on one of these!

  42. avatar Cameron LaDouceur Says:

    Love to snag one of these bad boys!

  43. avatar Sawyer Says:

    Great work!

  44. avatar Josh HW Says:

    Man looks cool, hope i win!

  45. avatar Sabbathius Del Lobos Says:

    Happy Ides of March everyone! Find a tyrant and stab ’em in the back!

  46. avatar Aled Says:

    Yay. Free stuff!

  47. avatar titania86 Says:

    Count me in!

  48. avatar Jason Katsaros Says:

    I hope I win!

  49. avatar Trevor Says:

    Looks really awesome, as usual!

  50. avatar Alfredo Garcia Says:

    Loved the First one looking foward to the second.

  51. avatar Drew Says:

    Looks interesting!

  52. avatar Ralenth Says:

    I’m really excited to read more of your work. Volume one has been one of the most successful gifts for my friends in the last year. Keep up the good work!

  53. avatar Vanessa Says:


  54. avatar Dustin Says:

    Found This On Reddit! Want The Book!

  55. avatar 6bunny Says:

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  56. avatar LG Says:

    Sounds like good times.

  57. avatar Mitch Says:

    Just discovered the podcast & have been listening to them but I really want the book to have & read.

  58. avatar Sharkchild Says:

    The winners have been added to the original post above! Thank you so much, everyone, for entering the giveaway! Until next time!

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