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TDV 89: Omnipotent Ingenuity

February 25th, 2015 by Sharkchild

Darilandria Alrindce Syabeltel.”

That was all the gargantuan visitor said after it arrived through a fissure in space and abruptly appeared in the middle of the world. A portal, not so different than a mirror in the sky, appeared without warning, reflecting back the lands before expanding outward to its city-wide ends as an enormous halo of reflective boundaries. Like an asteroid falling through a chute, the ultra-mega being crashed down, obliterating everything around it—all was displaced and decimated, with the tallest buildings being torn from their foundations and sent sprawling. Chunks of stone and metal were flung great distances, expanding the deadly carnage for many miles. Millions were instantly killed; the wake of destruction was vast and utterly harrowing. Once settled in its nest of ruin, it spoke:

“Darilandria Alrindce Syabeltel.”

The creature stood over ten-thousand feet tall and, with mortal eyes, could not be fathomed in all of its deplorable form. Its color was black—black like death and black like nothingness. It loomed as a void of color rather than a color itself. It had many mouths—too many to count—from which it boomed its words. These mouths were caverns of gross malady from which spewed vehement clusters of acidic filth—violet, putrid sludge that burned through flesh and earth, incinerating its way deep underground where it fell. Upon it, there were no arms or hands that appeared to reach; there were no legs or feet that appeared to shuffle or transport. This World-Scarrer stood solely as a massive pillar, dealing in demise and devastation.

TDV 88: The Protean Birth Enigma

October 21st, 2014 by Sharkchild

Although I slept and although I dreamt, I was not at rest. My muscles perpetually flexed while the blood surging through my veins heated my damp, rank flesh. My eyes jutted beneath their lids, absorbing an orange light that radiated heat upon me and into the core of my mind’s visions.

Time passed exceedingly slow as I plodded from dream to dream without connection or interest, excitement or fear. I was unwillingly and strangely detached from foreboding scenes of gargantuan, ominous beings invoking their power across the universe. In each of these dreams I, too, played the role of such a being, but I was void of their knowledge and purpose; I was a wayward ghost struggling to find its escape. This disunion brought nothing but the incessant fight to awaken, free myself from this obscure oblivion, and probe the physical realm beyond my sleep where the drenching orange glow saturated my clenching body.

TDV 87: The Apocalypse Bringers

May 28th, 2014 by Sharkchild

A destroyed moon lay dispersed across the sky. Its fragments reflected a pale, red light. In front of these debris, a great multitude of meteors reached the atmosphere, raining across the land in streaks of flame. Concussions resounded in every direction that amplified the pandemonium of this planet’s final hours.

“Sidideris desiterkan durs forlektis,” my master proclaimed as he reveled in these grandiose moments of destruction. He revealed his speared teeth while smiling. As he did so, he flipped his long, red tongue just outside of his lips. His bare, burgundy, muscular chest flexed with approval. Veins rippled throughout his upper body and arms at their height hundreds of yards off the ground. One, lone eye sat as a gaping black hole within his face and oscillating, flaccid flesh made sounds of suction and popping as it churned across the top of his head.


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TDV 86: Dominance By Devouringness

March 19th, 2014 by Sharkchild

On an early afternoon as I sat on a bench in Stebly Park reading the book, The Itinerant Life of Triach, and as the glow of sunlight amplified the surroundings—the freshly manicured lawns, the crisp hedges, the brilliant daisy fields, and the flourishing oak trees—giving them a surreal accent, I struck up a conversation with a woman who by some oddity found it fitting to sit beside me. Her auburn hair and blue eyes only did more to catch the light and amplify the day’s luster. With her were her two children—an infant boy inside a carriage and a little girl in a pink dress of about four years of age. Both of them shared the same vibrant features of their mother. It was just such a day to make conversation with strangers and enjoy the qualities of a resplendent afternoon.

We spoke of her children and husband and of my eccentric endeavors—my specialization within the field of teleportation—including my feeble attempts at summarizing the book I held between my hands. Though our lives were noticeably polar, our conversation excelled through laughter, understanding, and positivity. Surprisingly, throughout our engagement, the children were cooperative and made few interruptions.

TDV 85: A Random Game Of Vitriolage

June 18th, 2013 by Sharkchild

Who sings this?” my grandmother asked as I placed needle on spinning vinyl, bringing to life an aura of music. A soothing and charming voice stirred the heart above a movement of catchy melodies and rhythmic bass. The way the voice careened from lyric to lyric brought the music to life in a story of one’s own soul, striking relevance for all who listened.

“It’s you,” I replied.

“Me?” she questioned. “How could that be me? I don’t even know how to sing.”

“You not only know how to sing, you are—well, were—one of the greatest singers and lyricists of your time.”

My grandmother grumbled. “That’s ridiculous. Don’t you think I would know if I’m a singer or not?” She grumbled again.

“I’m serious, Grandma—that’s really you.”

“Why did you call me ‘Grandma’?” she asked.


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