Heartist Carnival: Remnant IV

November 25th, 2007 by Sharkchild

The playground of sympathetic spirits—listen to their words:

Be wise with all endeavors of the heart. Stand firmly against the unyielding allure of the persuasive dawn. With the stone-written beliefs of your faith, you cannot fail. And if you have none, then you have not sought deep enough into the haunting core of your existence; for wisdom starts with faith—faith in something, anything. Do not mock the unknown, for it is what births each new death of what once was. Without it, meaning is but the forsaken ghoul’s curse.

In judgments, opinions, and all ceremonies of voice, begin first with understanding: the listening and the interpretation. Only then can insight be heir in the acts of tongue. Conjure respect as well, even though it is not given in return. Demeanor alone can change the fate of the ages and rule the armies of darkness.

If ever the battle of heart and mind ensues, then go with the first and be forever steadfast.

Forget us not, our dreams lay with you.


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