The Augur’s Scroll: Remnant I

December 23rd, 2007 by Sharkchild

I witnessed the star fall in the distance. I saw how it dropped low on the horizon, disappearing beneath the ocean before curving back around and out for but an instant, then vanishing away forever. There was nothing like it; nothing could be more surreal.

The wars were on my mind at that time—how strange that might be—but not the wars of this world. Beyond the black curtain of what is, I have looked, and there is much more out there—much more than what is. There are things that are not that are just as real, just as significant—maybe even more so.

It glowed brightly too, that star, as if it was meant to be seen. I felt as if something was revealed to me and only me. The peculiarity of its pattern and sudden change of direction were foreign to me; could such a mass, or any moving body of the outer realms, navigate such a monstrosity of absurd flight? How preposterous was it? With my own eyes, I witnessed this cosmic incident.

I have hope that I will one day understand such occurrences more fully—perhaps when I am not as concerned with what is, I will be more open let those unseen, secret folds of space and time transcend upon me.


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